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Ask A Pup

The Wolf Pups are the youngest members of our pack at Through Wolf’s Eyes. They are bright, creative, caring young people who want to help you solve puzzles, discover solutions, and extend your knowledge.  The Pups’ generation—the “i-Generation”– seems so very different from our own, yet there is much they can teach us about how to navigate relationships between older and younger people.

We call them “Pups” in keeping with our theme, our Founder’s last name, and the name of our website. It’s also a phrase of endearment because we are so fond of all of them and want them to succeed.

Seemingly born with some sort of technical device in their hands, typical questions a Pup might be able to answer include questions about smartphones, hardware, software, social networks, Internet searching, or even protecting your online identity so as to not succumb to various forms of scamming.

Perhaps you’d like a Pup’s recommendation for a gift you’d like to present to your granddaughter, or maybe you’d just like to know a little more about the i-generation—what is it that makes them “tick”? Or maybe you’re simply curious about why they always seem to be “glued to their phones”?

Got a question? Maybe one of our Pups can provide you with some useful information or shed some insight on the subject! So– “Ask a Pup!”