Getting in Touch with the Modern Music Scene

//Getting in Touch with the Modern Music Scene

Getting in Touch with the Modern Music Scene

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One of my first and most meaningful encounters with music was during a sleepless night of tossing and turning. As I was only a little girl at the time, my dad had come into my room to see what was wrong, and he began to sing me into a deep and much-needed slumber. I vividly remember my limbs relaxing to the tune of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and my dad’s pitchy, but otherwise decent singing voice.

This became a sort of unestablished bedtime procedure for the remainder of my young childhood. My dad would sing every song he knew the words to, from the pits of classic rock to contemporary 90s hits. Whenever I hear these songs in my current life, I’m immediately brought back to the past.

Music is unmatched in its ability to connect us to certain times in our lives, as well as to one another. This art has the power to take us back to the past, into the future, and to places far from the reality in which we reside. No matter how much you like or don’t like music, it serves as the backdrop of time periods throughout our history.

Every decade, or perhaps, every couple decades, overarching styles of music rotate in prevalence to society. In today’s industry, hip hop and rap culture is oozing over the charts, week after week. With this pervasiveness in pop culture and all things entertainment, the current music culture has made its way into our societal norms and is continually making a mark on those belonging to younger generations.

As of recently, artists such as Post Malone, Drake, and Travis Scott rest at the peak of the Billboard hierarchy, and have really only rotated places with one another within the past several weeks. In a genre that’s male-dominated, rap culture’s prominence in popular music has brought many female artists into the limelight. Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B (among many others on the rise) have made significant strides in their musical endeavors and through their work, they represent girls everywhere.

Some could argue that the presence of rap has created a new kind of vocal outlet, one that has adopted the ability to send messages about society in a very direct manner. The environment for voicing opinions puts celebrities on a platform, and their words mean a lot more to their fans. Simple trickery with lyrics has continually created messages powerful beyond belief, bringing to light many issues which the public is otherwise scared to face.

Although hip hop is in the air, a large portion of the population has grown a strong dislike towards the genre, for more reasons than one. In addition to the inclination of hip hop artists to sexualize women, this genre is known to encourage discussion and participation in regards to sex, drugs, and other illegal activities. Because of this provocative nature, many parents would say that this content is not what’s meant to be heard by their young children. Nevertheless, youths and young adults everywhere have rallied around these topics of conversation and have formed a fanbase. Despite the high levels of controversy, this music is dominating over the other genres in the current face of the industry and pop culture as a whole.

As of June 2018, 83 million people worldwide use Spotify Premium as a source for music. Each week, Spotify has a feature in which the system creates a “discover” playlist for each and every one of its users. On this playlist, the Spotify “gods” take into consideration what you already listen to, and then ultimately provide an array of new songs to add into your rotation. You might be surprised by what sorts of vibes you feel from an unfamiliar artist.

This mass of people has used a music streaming service to grow their perception of this art form, whether that be through sharing music with their friends or finding it on their own. People of all ages have found a safe place to express their own music interests and connect with others on the basis of them.

We’re all inclined to certain genres based on what we’re comfortable listening to. However, music has an incomparable influence to bring us together that we should not resist. Although you may be under the impression that hip hop isn’t the genre for you, give it a try. Get resourceful with your music interests! No, it won’t at all sound the same as a Rolling Stones verse, but different by no means suggests inferiority. There’s no harm in learning about what else is out there and what is currently taking over the radar. Staying “woke” (as the kids say) and informed on the waves of music as they fade in and out of popular culture is truly a fun environment to immerse yourself in.

Turn on your radio, surf Spotify’s top hits, or even play a new Sirius XM station during your morning commute. Whatever you do, there are countless ways to get in touch with what’s hot.

How might your music taste differ with those who are younger or older than you? Ask a Pup! We’d love to compare.

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