A Note About Being Fashionable as You Age

//A Note About Being Fashionable as You Age

A Note About Being Fashionable as You Age

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In any setting, the way you dress says a lot about you. The way you dress has the potential to impact how people view you come first glance. First impressions have the potential to be essential in success, social life, and how you choose to view yourself. How you dress yourself is the first step in knocking them out of the park.

The natural behavior of the middle-aged population is to hide from fashion and all of its elements. Many things in your life change when you hit the middle-age line of life, there’s no doubt about it. This may or may not cause you to think differently about yourself, but I really hope it doesn’t.

If you’re not naturally stylish (which believe me, I understand as I am certainly not), it’s our responsibility to learn how to dress ourselves “fashionably.” It’s routine, not to mention easier, to just throw on a pair of distressed jeans from five years ago with a wrinkly t-shirt. However, the lessons fashion can teach you will make you think better of yourself and feel more comfortable in the world around you.

Fashion Is What You Make of It

It’s hard to keep up with the trends of what’s “in.” Because of this, why not create your own? Trying new looks and experimenting with different types of clothing is exhilarating. Sometimes you realize that you picked the wrong thing and will never ever wear it again, but fashion is all about learning.

Fashion has the ability to get your nerves pumping. As an outlet for self-expression, your “fashion story” is entirely yours to create. The story can take as many twists and turns as you like, just as the common trends in the industry fade and ultimately reappear.

Taking an interest in the clothes you choose to wear paves the way for your creative capacity, something that not everyone has the patience to admire. When you create an outfit that you like yourself in, you are therefore given the power to make yourself feel confident in wearing something that makes you happy. The clothes you wear only do their job if you choose to wear them confidently, not limited to any or one brand.

Within the fashion of middle-aged women, less is often more. You can make a simple something stylish with just a little flair. By the time you’re forty or so, you should have a handle on what color best suits your complexion. Take that color, and set it so it accentuates and flatters your figure.

Fashion can be fun, however it does take some effort. Finding your niche comes with discovering what styles go with your body shape, complexion, and lifestyle. More often than not, it’s about the brands that you become attached to. Find brands that you know will work for your age group. Experimenting with brands is a good foundation to start on, because once you have a handle on your favorites, you’ll always have a place to turn to for pieces that will make you happy. When you find that range, never stop experimenting with the fashions that lie within it.

Consider the “Happiness Value”

When scouring the shelves for new “threads,” be sure to only buy pieces that will make you feel happy when you wear them. Buying expensive pieces of clothing isn’t always the answer, however, my advice is to look at price tags differently. Instead of a price, let the tags act as a preview of how you’ll feel each and every time you slip into that piece. While price is definitely a factor when deciding whether to buy or not buy, I suggest that you take into account the happiness value rather than just a purchasing value.

Fashion is a means of staying “woke” and in touch with the world. The same way people use books and movies to find relevance, fashion trends mark changes in how people present themselves all over the globe. As an active member of society, dress yourself creatively in order to show the world what it is you can offer. Fashion in itself does not have to be an all or nothing experience, and you can make of it whatever you want to. Once you find your niche, thrive in it and build yourself (fashionably, of course).

What questions about fashion have you run into? Ask a Pup about your experience.

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