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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a special bond with each of my grandmothers, Carolyn and Pat. During their professional careers, they both happened to have been teachers. Because of this, it was in both of their respective natures to coach me in any and all settings, whether it be in my early academics, or even on the soccer field where neither of them had much expertise.

Now that I’m older and all of my grandparents are retired, I’m finding that in addition to the their consistent eagerness to teach me, I now have my own knowledge to share. When we are lucky enough to all be together, we’ll go back and forth, bouncing ideas and thoughts off of one another and ultimately, learning in a way which stimulates all of us.

Everything I learned to love about writing came from my dad, who encouraged me to always keep a pen and paper with me in case of any sporadic development of good ideas that I wanted to explore further. This habit has translated into an around-the-clock craving to learn, and although I’ve found that there are countless ways to satisfy this passion, the most effective by far is learning from other people.

No matter your age or the generation you’ve been born into, the differences that divide us may very well be the reason we should be brought together at all. By sharing my own stories, I hope to learn more about people of different ages who may not have experienced life the way I’ve come to be familiar with. Let’s learn from each other!

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