Allow Your Life to Be Unpredictable

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Allow Your Life to Be Unpredictable

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Life is a never ending series of high highs often accompanied by evidently low lows. How you build yourself because of them? The choice is yours.

The conquest of adventure should be something that never runs out of its uniqueness, for adventure can be found in even the smallest of things. The ability to venture away from what is known to you is a privilege which is often taken for granted. Humans are more than capable of experimenting with all the ways to improve and mold themselves. At any given moment, you can change the way you go about your life, and ultimately, the way you think about the world.

Your innate resourcefulness allows you to constantly alter your life, and is among one of the many things that make the journey so enjoyable. The ability to change your life and all of its components only furthers the concept of our life spans as malleable, and therefore, unpredictable in any sense.

Your Comfort Zone? It’s Time to Leave It

Even the most minimal actions can bring a new source of light into your life. For instance, try tea instead of coffee. Go for the crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy. Buy pants with a pattern on them instead of just another plain black pair. Some of these flip-flops in behavior serve as a small allusion to a much bigger picture.

You’ll never be able to know what is going to happen at every given moment, no matter how far you choose to read into everyday interactions. The uncertainty seen in many different areas of life has the ability to consume the human mind, but that itself may be what keeps us going. Without curiosity, passion, and eagerness, life would be undeniably boring. In a world without an intense desire for adventure, instead of colors, we would only see black and white. With the unpredictability of every single moment, you owe it to yourself to find the best version of you – the version which makes you want to keep going, and to eat up all that livelihood has to offer.

Be Your Most Confident Self

In the story of your life, with all of its twists and turns, you are the author – the only author. Therefore, you should strive to make each and every decision with confidence, and gather the courage to act as your best self throughout. Even in moments of doubt and uneasiness, allow yourself to take that extra step. Chop all your hair off because you feel like it. Treat yourself to a cheeseburger because you feel like it. Above all, never let people predict your next move. What’s the worst that can happen? Accept what you cannot change, and make something positive out of it.

Growth throughout our lives should be a never ending pursuit for fulfillment, and therefore, we should take advantage of every moment of uncertainty and learn more about ourselves through the experience. There’s no need to be afraid of running from the invisible strings that hold you back from what you want. Do what you want to. Not for others, but for yourself.

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