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I’ve always been a family girl. From the time I was little, I’ve looked up to my elders and wanted to learn from their experience and wisdom.

I believe we all have something to share, and that’s how we learn. Whether accepting advice, listening to a fresh perspective, or hearing a personal story, we are shaped by the people who surround us. I see value in all ages and identities, and lust to learn more about the world through diverse human connection.

“It takes a village,” my stepmom always says. Life can get crazy and times can get tough, but at least we have loved ones to make it all worthwhile. I’m fortunate enough to have a loving village of friends, mentors, and mostly, my family.

From Grandpa educating me about proper grammar to Dad teaching me what good music sounds like, I credit much of who I am to the family who raised me. Family is my inspiration, my haven, and my bliss. I’m excited to share with you my knowledge and appreciation for family here at Through Wolf’s Eyes.

My mission is to use my personal experience and writing skills to give back to an audience of people who taught me so much. In turn, I hope to hear some of your stories, as well. I’d love for you to join my village.

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