An Ode To Timeless Tunes

//An Ode To Timeless Tunes

An Ode To Timeless Tunes

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From A Pup, To You

In 2016, Bruce Springsteen performed at my local university as part of his River Tour. As soon as I heard he was coming, I knew I had to buy a ticket. At 10 a.m. the day of the general ticket sale, I sat on the bed of my freshman dorm and frantically refreshed my computer in an effort to secure two seats to this coveted concert. After minutes of stress, I booked the tickets. While we weren’t going to be sitting in the best seats in the arena – we settled for the nosebleeds – I still called my mom right away to tell her I was going to see The Boss.

After weeks of anticipation, concert day came. While I was entranced by the music of Springsteen and the rest of the E Street Band, I was more captivated by the diverse audience that surrounded me. College students, seniors, young adults, and even children filled the seats, singing and dancing to every song. How lucky are we to have music that can bring generations together?

Fast forward to 2018 where I’ve found myself in a similar situation. Just a few months ago, Elton John announced that he was making a stop in my university town in September during his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. Of course, I made plans to see this musical icon. Again, I sat with my computer at 10 a.m. praying that I could purchase three tickets. Refresh after refresh, I secured seats yet again, and I can’t wait share the experience with my mom and dad.

What makes these artists timeless, influential, and adored by all ages? Despite my fairly exhaustive Google search, I couldn’t find any credible research explaining why my generation is so fascinated by major music legends of the past. But, I can tell you that popular music from years past still penetrates the Spotify libraries, party playlists, and movie soundtracks of today’s generation.

To say thank you, to you, the original fans of this immortal music, I’m here to share why I still listen to their music everyday.

Parental Influence

I owe much of my love of music from the past to my parents. Both my parents, especially my mom, adore Bruce Springsteen. They introduced me to him and were one of the major reasons why I so desperately wanted to see him in concert two years ago.

Since my parents appreciated the music of their time, the music was always playing around the house when I was growing up. Before I was old enough to develop my own taste, the sound of the 60s, 70s, and 80s was already ingrained in my head.

Positive Role Models

In today’s world, it seems as if every big-time artist is making mistakes. Yes, no one is perfect, but celebrities and other influencers are hit with scandal after scandal.

Since I didn’t live during the time when these artist rose to fame, if they made mistakes – which I’m sure they did – I wouldn’t know about it. However, their blunders must have been trivial compared to what we see today. How else would they have survived at the summit of fame for so long?

Sense of Culture

Now, this might be a weird reason why I listen to this music, but I know that I am not alone in my opinion. When I listen to Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, or Elton John, I feel cultured, intelligent, and sophisticated.

Listening to this music reminds me of an age before I even existed. Life was different 20, 30, 40 years ago, and this music acts like a time capsule. These artists reflect the differences of now and then. But, some of the topics they touch on in their music are still relevant today.

So, thank you for being their first fans – for being the first audience to be touched by this music and for loving it enough to pass it on to us. From my generation to yours, we really can’t say thank you enough.

Looking for another pup’s opinion on music of the past? Don’t hesitate to ask us!

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