Buddy System: Take Your Partner with You to the Doctor

//Buddy System: Take Your Partner with You to the Doctor

Buddy System: Take Your Partner with You to the Doctor

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Going to the doctor can be a nerve-racking experience. Whether getting a routine check-up or a having something specifically looked at, we don’t always know what to expect, and oftentimes, we assume the worst. In these moments, it’s easy to get flustered and make snap decisions without careful conversation and thought.

Let me offer a quick and comforting fix to the problem: Bring someone with you.


For many people, this person may be a husband, wife, or partner. However, a close friend, sibling, or one of your adult children may also be a good fit for the scenario. No matter who you choose to take along, make sure you’ve chosen wisely after close consideration.  

Your person should know your health conditions and concerns, be able to understand medical information, and ask questions of clarity if necessary. Not only should these requirements be met, but you should feel confident and comfortable with your person being involved.


Having another set of eyes and ears can go along way. While doctors do their best to be thorough and translate their medical terminology into something understandable, we’re still often left with uncertainties.

Sometimes our questions don’t hit us until after we’ve left the doctor’s office. “I wonder if… I should have asked about…” It happens to the best of us.

When our health is being examined and called into question, we’re vulnerable. Having a sense of agency and authority in those types of situations is not something that comes natural to us. Instead, we’re more inclined to say, “Yes, doctor. Okay, doctor.”

Having someone along with you not only takes off some of your individual pressure, but also allows for someone on the outside to be observant and critical of the situation.

Just the other day, I went with my sister to the doctor. She was alone while being examined, but when it came time for her diagnosis, she grabbed me from the waiting room and asked that I sit in for the conversation with the doctor. Mostly, she wanted to make sure that we both heard the details of the doctor’s prognosis – after all, two sets of ears is better than one. While I was in there, though, I found myself doing more than just listening and nodding. I became vocal, asking about the suggested treatment, side effects, alternatives, etc.

Many times, a doctor’s visit results in making a decision. Do you want this treatment or that one? Which medication would you like? Basically – what’s next? While sometimes you have time to think your thoughts over, other scenarios are more time-pressed.

Having someone with you who knows you, your preferences, and your health is a huge comfort. Your person may validate your decisions or give you other important things to consider that you hadn’t thought about. Either way, having a conversation and coming to a conclusion together will make you feel more secure in your decision and your health.

Trips to the doctor aren’t always the highlight of our day. Sometimes we receive good news, and sometimes we receive bad news. No matter the outcome, knowing you have someone you trust by your side to support you is a relief and a blessing.

Take care of you and your health, and make it Take Your Friend to the Doctor Day! Who do you like to have at the doctor’s with you? Tell us about your experience!  

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