How to Give Your Vintage Clothing Meaning

Does your closet feel like a treasure trove of never-ending clothes from the past? Would you consider yourself an “organized” hoarder? Many older women may have an abundance [...]

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How to Get Your Grandchildren Off the Couch and On Their Feet

Don’t let laziness run in the family! Young children are known for their everlasting energy and exuberance. However, peeling the kids away from the screens of their iPads or [...]

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Is Listening To My Grandchildren’s Music Really That Bad?

Music is such an important aspect of who we are. Music can define a certain time in our lives, remind us of a specific event or person, lift our moods, and evoke deep emotion [...]

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Crafting Across Generations: Getting in Touch with Your Inner-Child

Do you miss the feeling of coloring outside the lines? As we age, we are burdened with more responsibilities and less excuses to let our imaginations run wild, dodge the rule [...]

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