Connecting with the “Younger Set” via your TV Set

//Connecting with the “Younger Set” via your TV Set

Connecting with the “Younger Set” via your TV Set

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5 TV Series Young People are Watching That Will Blow Your Mind

With so many different television series available to watch right now, it’s hard to determine which ones to pick. However, there are a few new series that have proven they can stand out from the rest.  Read on to see some of the most popular shows young people are watching to help prioritize your TV agenda and stay hip!

Stranger Things: In what seemed like overnight, this Netflix original series has become a worldwide sensation. Set in the 80’s in Indiana, the show follows a young boy who mysteriously disappears without a trace. As the season continues, a dark and sinister plot unfolds filled with supernatural powers, government secrets, and a hidden world.

Even if you’re not a big science fiction fan (I don’t consider myself one), Stranger Things has a stellar cast and suspenseful plot that is sure to keep you hooked until the finale. With a 94% “fresh” rating on popular media critic site Rotten Tomatoes, it’s easy to see why this show has become one of the most memorable releases of the past few years.

Black Mirror: If you haven’t heard of the futuristic tech-focused series, buckle in and get ready for a wild ride that is sure to blow your mind. The British series was originally released in 2011, but became more widely recognized as it broke into the American TV scene. Each Black Mirror episode is completely different with an entirely new plot and cast, so you don’t have to worry about watching the season in order or missing an important detail if you’ve missed an episode. The show spins plots about futuristic technology and how society changes because of it – all functioning as a metaphor for our dependence on technology in today’s world. Each episode will leave you contemplating society and testing your thoughts about future consequences of all this embracing of technology.

Westworld: This sci-fi thriller series did so well during its 2016 release that fans begged for more. Originally a 1970’s film, the modern remake takes place in a wild-west themed amusement park. Westworld, as the park is called, caters to a rich crowd that pay to do whatever they want in the park without fear of punishment or retaliation. Like Black Mirror, Westworld causes the viewer to contemplate the inner desires of society and the human psyche. The show was so popular that it beat True Detective for the most-watched first season of an HBO show ever.

Mindhunter: Another smash Netflix original hit, Mindhunter follows FBI agents in the early 1970’s at the dawn of criminal and forensic psychology. Throughout the show, the FBI agents and psychologists interview imprisoned serial killers (who are based on real-life convicted killers) in order to use their testimony to start the Behavioral Analysis Unit. This series is a fascinating look into the history of the field of forensic psychology. Take into account that some of the interviews between the killers and FBI agents are based on real documented prison interviews, and this show is sure to leave you sleeping with the light on.

Game of Thrones: Dragons, Whitewalkers, and Murder, oh my! Easily one of the most successful series in television history, Game Of Thrones has taken the world by surprise with its ability to captivate millions. The story follows nine royal families in the mystical kingdoms of  Westeros and Essos as they try to take the throne for themselves. Combine a stellar cast, amazing special effects, and a breathtaking location, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a smash hit!

While these shows are quite out-of-the-box, give them a try. Who knows? You might just get hooked. Imagine when you tell your 22-year old grandson about the last episode of Stranger Things you watched! We’d love to hear how some of those conversations go; please tell us00 either in the comments below or maybe you’ll share your story!

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