Crafting Across Generations: Getting in Touch with Your Inner-Child

///Crafting Across Generations: Getting in Touch with Your Inner-Child

Crafting Across Generations: Getting in Touch with Your Inner-Child

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Do you miss the feeling of coloring outside the lines? As we age, we are burdened with more responsibilities and less excuses to let our imaginations run wild, dodge the rules, and get a little messy. When was the last time you painted, or even picked up a crayon?

As a child, you may not have experienced the fast-paced, technology-advanced world the way today’s children do. Compared to the younger generation, you may feel out-of-the-loop or outdated with what activities children enjoy today.

The relationship between older adults and younger children may appear challenging due to the gap in generations. Despite the hesitance, spending time cross-generationally is the solution to any misconceptions or perceptions between the two age groups!

A recent study conducted by Kansas State University has shown how intergenerational community-based programs improved children’s attitudes toward older adults. After participating in the program, children had more positive feelings about older adults and used adjectives such as nice, wise, and fun to describe older adults. The children learned the importance of senior citizens, stating how seniors are here to help and how they value children. Spending time with younger children, whether through a community-based program or simply with your grandchildren, is emotionally beneficial for you and children alike!

Older adults provide an invaluable kind of unconditional love and attention for younger children, and vice versa, despite the generational gap. As an older adult, you play a very important part as an influential role model for children. When struggling to come up with an activity for you and your younger pal, look no further than your local craft store! Arts and crafts provides the perfect hands-on outlet to connect with younger relatives or students.

What are the benefits of arts and crafts?

Crafting is an activity enjoyable and beneficial for any age. Arts and crafts allows you to express your creative side and foster something you are proud of, and the finished product will hold memories of with whom you crafted.

Even without artistic talent, simple arts and crafts can be done just for leisure. Not only does crafting allow our inner artist to immerse, crafting also provides benefits for older adults and children. According to WebMD, for older adults, creative and artistic activity may stimulate parts of your brain which are more vulnerable to damage through the aging process. Arts and crafts are a perfect activity for keeping the mind busy, which can help prevent feelings of depression. Crafting also helps with coordination and concentration!

As for children, arts and crafts is the perfect unstructured activity made for expressing the imagination! Some other benefits include creativity, self-esteem, coordination, and fine motor skills.

Arts and crafts has no age limit!

Allow arts and crafts to bring out the child in you! Arts and crafts is best done with a companion, allowing both of your creative energies to spark and feed off each other. Crafting has no boundaries and allows you to be flexible with your creativity. Even the simplest of crafts can be enjoyed between you and a friend of the younger generation. So, go ahead, pick up a paintbrush, and don’t be afraid to get a little messy!

Thumbprint Art Flower Pots From butterflies to bumblebees, get creative with your thumbprint animals! Flower pot decorating is a perfect activity for the spring.

Coloring Bookmarks Simply print out the bookmarks on white paper and get to coloring! Colored pencils will work well for filling in the tiny lines.

Easy Origami Follow step-by-step on how to make cute origami creatures, like a fish, a cat, and a dog!

Paper Plate Yarn Art Simple, and a great introduction to sewing for children

Picture Frame Decorating Decorate the frame, then add a sweet picture of you two for the perfect keepsake.

Wind Chime Making Wind chimes add a colorful touch to your outdoor garden and can double as a present with a personal touch!

Paper Flowers No watering necessary – just paper, straws, and a mason jar.

Learn to engage with today’s generation of children through an activity as simple as arts and crafts. Crafting is inexpensive, versatile, relaxing, and ideal for bonding. Not to mention, you end up with a sincere keepsake signifying your refreshed relationship.

Looking for more ideas on ways to spend quality time with the minds of a different generation? Ask A Pup!

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