Crafting Family Memories

//Crafting Family Memories

Crafting Family Memories

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For my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, my family put together a very elaborate scrapbook as a gift. My entire family, besides my grandparents, took part in the project. Talk about a lot of hands in the pot!

My aunt’s house was where the scrapbooking headquarters was stationed. For months, my mom would take my sister and I over to my aunt’s, and we’d spend hours in her cluttered house of old pictures, stickers, and glue. You couldn’t tell the color of her giant dining room table since it was so covered in scrapbooking materials!

Each person had their own page in the book – each child and each grandchild, which in my family, adds up to a lot. Important events and family vacations also earned their spot. The book was huge.

After months of ordering late-night pizza and many family laughs, the book was finished. When we gifted it to my grandparents on their anniversary, they were beside themselves. The scrapbook was a masterpiece, filled with memories of their family and a reflection of the love and adoration we all have for them.

Although the book lives at my grandparents’, everyone knows that it belongs to the whole family. We’re all in it, we all share it, we all brag about it, and we all cherish the memories we made together during those long nights at my aunt’s house.

I was about 7 when my family made this scrapbook. Since then, I’ve made plenty more! I’m most known for creating scrapbooks of family vacations, but I’ve done all different kinds. You can make a scrapbook for so many different occasions, and the benefits to your family are endless.

The actual process of creating a scrapbook is quite fun, and some people, like myself, think of it as a common hobby. We all love to reminisce, and rummaging through old pictures is sure to satisfy your thirst to remember good times. You don’t have to be the most creative person on the planet to make a scrapbook, but it is exciting to play around with your artistic side. At the end of the day, the person who’s receiving the book is most interested in the time you put into it and the value it holds in their heart. I promise you they won’t be hung up with your color scheme or choice of stamps.

Scrapbooks can be made with the collaboration of other people, or on your own. Coming together with other family members to create a book for a mutual loved one is a great way to build a relationship. No matter our age, we can all appreciate a little arts and crafts!

I’ve created a lot of scrapbooks on my own, and even though I flew solo in the process, I felt really connected to the person I was making the gift for. I knew that my creation was going to mean a lot to the close friend or family member I was giving it to, and this thought kept me motivated to create a meaningful book.

The good times don’t stop rolling once you give the book away. In fact, quite the contrary occurs. Scrapbooks are a tangible memory of cherished relationships and shared moments together. They’re meant to be revisited and passed around the room at family holidays. They bring memories to life and continue to create bonds within the family and close friends.

Whenever my family gathers at my grandparents’ house, you can bet we bring out the big old scrapbook. As it’s passed around the room, we recount our memories from making it and reminisce on the old photos found inside. If we have any new guests joining us on the holidays, they’re of course introduced to the prized possession.

Pictures are taken for a reason. We want to remember the good times we’ve shared with the people we love. However, all too often, our photos get lost in the background of our phones, cameras, and stacks of other old printed photos. Scrapbooks keep your memories alive.

So grab a loved one and start scrapbooking! Family vacations, anniversaries, and birthdays are all great occasions for making a scrapbook. Alone or with others, you’ll never forget the memories you created with your family from making a scrapbook.

What kinds of scrapbooks have you made? If not scrapbooking, what’s your craft of choice? Share Your Story with us!

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