Downsizing After the Kids Move out May Be the Best Way to Invest in Yourself

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Downsizing After the Kids Move out May Be the Best Way to Invest in Yourself

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Ever since starting college, I’ve loved returning to my childhood home when the time permits. Coming back to a place so familiar is truly a feeling like no other. But recently, I’ve begun to think about the possibility of it disappearing. While my younger sister still has years of high school and college to go through, it may be in my parents’ best interest to eventually sell our house and acquire something smaller.

You’re Not Alone

An empty nest is a difficult thing to cope with, and has proven to be a tough obstacle for many parents. While this “new normal” may be missing the echo of hollers heard from down the hall, downsizing after your children flee is the first step to a simpler and lighter lifestyle.

All that you’ve accumulated over the years has along the way lost its purpose, as has the uninhabited space in your home. Downsizing is beneficial for more reasons than one, but most notably that your spending on home necessities and things of the like will cut back significantly. Additionally, less “stuff” makes for a lot less stress, so it may be favorable to consider having a yard or garage sale. Trying something like a yard sale will free up a lot of space and reduce the need for storage, but will also provide some extra pocket money!

Investing in a smaller space means that there’s also less to clean. If the pressure to tirelessly slave away with the broom and dustpan has been lessened, there’s more time to take part in life’s greatest activities.

Whatever you choose to do during your downsizing journey, whether it’s dump your clutter or take up a new hobby, downsizing has the ability to create room for more happiness in many different areas of your life.

It All Comes Full Circle

For as long as I can remember, my grandparents have lived in a small apartment in Boca Raton, Florida (a common destination for many retirees). Before that, they lived in a standard house in New Jersey where they raised my mother and aunt. We sometimes drive by the old house on Club Road and a wave of nostalgia breezes past my mother. But, what I’ve come to realize is that moving on during life is all part of the “full circle” ideal.

Once my mother and aunt were ready to spread their own wings, my grandparents decided that they’d do the same. As an ambitious 20-something-year-old, moving away from home for the first time is exciting. Living in a home without kids for the first time? Equally as exciting, if not more. There is a whole different life waiting for those who so desire it. This life may include warm weather year-round, or you may choose a peaceful lifestyle in the snowy mountains. However you decide to alter your life (provided that you want to take this step), the opportunities are not only numerous, it can really be whatever you want.

Let the Kids Lend a Hand

One of the toughest parts of the downsizing journey is parting with possessions that once brought smiles to your children’s faces. However, just because the kids are “grown and flown,” this doesn’t mean they are no longer there to help you. Allow them to pick and choose what items are worth keeping, and dump what’s lost its value. You’ll be delighted to see how something so little means so much. What they do choose to keep, it’ll hopefully be shared with their own children someday.

While every throw of parenthood brings about a new lesson, you’ve finally gotten to a point when you’ve learned all that you need. Every son and daughter will always love their mother and father in a very special way, but once they’ve grown up, it’s time for you to reward yourself and all your parental efforts. It’s time to make your life however you want it, invest in yourself, and do things that will make you happy. Now, you are your own priority, and that’s perfectly okay.

All throughout my life, I’ve shared a special bond with both of my parents. They’ve given me everything I could ever need. However, for the majority of the past two decades, their lives have seemingly revolved around my sister and me. Not to say that they haven’t loved every second of raising us (we did turn out to be pretty entertaining, I have to say), but they deserve to begin this new chapter of their lives that they’ve never before experienced.

Are you thinking about potentially downsizing? Need advice on how to revamp your life? Ask A Pup! We’d love to talk about it.

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