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If I have learned anything throughout my life, the most crucial lesson understood would be that age should hold no limitations.

Young, old, or somewhere in the middle, we all have knowledge to share, and infinite room to grow. To me, intergenerational connections provide more than a relationship between two individuals, but a stage to delve into another person and all they have to offer. Why restrict yourself to a specific age range when the world provides us with millions of minds, begging to get to know each other? Surround yourself with all generations, and your life, health, and mind will surely prosper and flourish!

Personally, I find myself to be an old soul at heart. That’s right. When I am not scouring the internet for fresh music, baking healthy recipes, and spending time with friends and family, I can be found in bed before 8:00 pm, cuddled up with my laptop while watching Netflix.

Last year, I had the once in a lifetime chance to study abroad in the most magical place in the world. No, not Disney World — but Barcelona, Spain. While spending most of my time in the vibrant, history-rich, modern Spanish gem that is Barcelona, I hopped from European country to country each weekend. From the black sand beaches of the Amalfi Coast to the canals of Amsterdam, no city restricted its impact on my immersion into its cultural quirks. Gathering worldliness from each distinctive lifestyle helped morph my writing and individuality here in America!

Being apart of Through Wolf’s Eyes has taught me the importance of bridging the gap between generations. I am delighted to provide my insights and experiences to our wonderful audience!

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