Getting Involved with Your Alma Mater

//Getting Involved with Your Alma Mater

Getting Involved with Your Alma Mater

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Growing up, my sister and I were constantly brought along on family road trips to visit Penn State with either my grandparents, parents, or aunt and uncles. Almost my whole family has attended the university and has made strives to stay involved however and as often as they can.

I think the reason my sister and I were always brought on board is because my family wanted to share the experience of their alma mater with us. They adore Penn State, and they wanted us to grow up appreciating it the same way they do. (Spoiler Alert: Their plan worked. My sister and I are currently roommates at Penn State!)

Joining alumni clubs, following sports teams, and now visiting my sister and I are just a few of the ways they stay involved. They are reminded of their time here and their love for Penn State is enriched when they connect with others who feel the same way.

Below are some ways to not only keep close ties with your alma mater but also share your appreciation for it with younger generations throughout their experience.

Alumni Interviews

An option for many high school students applying to college is to schedule an interview with an alumnus of their prospective university. In most application processes, an alumni interview is not required, but it is a recommended and beneficial option. Alumni who conduct interviews with applicants are normally a part of an alumni admissions club/council run by the university.

While alumni interviews are mostly seen as a great opportunity for young applicants to highlight their skills and interests and learn more about the university from an experienced perspective, the interviews are also very valuable for alumni as well. You are given the opportunity to learn about modern college priorities, major interests, and reasons for wanting to attend. Connect on similar topics and about each other’s different education interests and experiences!

Volunteer at Alma Mater Events

A great way to give back to your alma mater is by volunteering, which helps benefit the campus, local, and social community. Some opportunities to volunteer are at sports games, concerts, fairs, and other popular events happening locally.

Sport your spirit and join other alumni as they contribute to the school’s well-being. While volunteering, you’ll also be immersed in a setting with current students, making it easy to interact with them about their current experience with campus culture.

Attend Networking Events

If you’re looking to have a more hands-on experience, attend networking events for students and companies of your specialty. Talk to students learning your field of expertise! Learn about how the field has changed, what their interests are, and where they’re headed. In turn, provide any insight or advice you may have for someone entering the workplace with a similar craft as you.

For a more casual approach, consider visiting campus on career day. You can converse with soon-to-be graduates and relate how your particular degree spawned your career.

Serve as a Counselor

Many companies will send employees to go to universities to recruit new graduates. If you work/have worked for a company that does this, ask them to visit your alma mater and help recruit students for your company.

Here’s a chance to mentor someone just as they start out their career. You can offer to serve as a counselor for any graduate who accepts a job offer at your company or in your locale in your field of expertise.

Need some help jumpstarting the right way for you to get involved with your alma mater? Ask A Pup!

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