GOTCHA! 9 April Fools’ Jokes to Play on Your Family and Friends This Year.

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GOTCHA! 9 April Fools’ Jokes to Play on Your Family and Friends This Year.

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Ah, April Fools’ – a day when no one is safe and everyone can become a prankster. Want to make your family unsuspecting victims of some clever pranks? Check out some of popular favorites below and let the surprises (and memories!) unfold…

  1.  Food As Dessert: Don’t we all remember a time growing up when we had to be a part of the “clean plate club” to get a sweet treat, or begged our parents for an extra helping of dessert? On April 1, throw your family for a loop and disguise a sweet surprise as a typical main course for dinner. Don’t have kids to fool anymore? Invite a friend for a homemade meal, and sit back and watch the show. For a sweet take on grilled cheese, check out this Pinterest recipe here. Do you think they’d be in the mood for pizza? Try concealing these sweet ingredients and give a whole meaning to the term “pizza pie.”
  1.  Stuffed Animal Commute: Before your significant other leaves for work, fill their backseat and passenger seat with stuffed animals so they won’t be lonely. Don’t forget to buckle them in!
  1.  Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile: When your kids/grandkids/spouse aren’t looking, put a drop of food coloring on their toothbrush to leave their teeth a fun color (Although, if they have an important meeting or presentation, better save that one for later).
  1.  Oreo Swap: Instead of cream, separate the Oreo cookies and fill the middle with a dollop of toothpaste. Your family will be in for quite the surprise.
  1.  Buggin Out: Want to give your grandkids or significant other a shock? Check out these sandwich bags on Amazon – you can trick them into thinking a bug got to their lunch first!
  1.  Call Me Maybe: Change someone’s ringtone to an obnoxiously catchy song, like “Call ME Maybe” and turn the ringer all the way up. Call them from another room and watch their confusion unfold. Feeling extra devious? Call them while they’re out in public!
  1.  Auto Correct: Did you know you can change phrases on autocorrect? The next time your grandkids or spouse is not expecting it, change some common phrases on their phone to autocorrect to different ones. For example, make it so “no” changes to “of course!” and then ask them for a favor. For a step-by-step manual on how to pull this sneaky prank, check out
  1.  Glitter Bomb: Fill an envelope with glitter, confetti, or something similar. Address the card to your unsuspecting victim and watch them receive a sparkling surprise! For another sparkly prank, try lining a ceiling fan with confetti. When they turn the fan on, it will have the same effect as a confetti cannon!
  1.  Nail Polish Spill: Pretend to ruin the recently cleaned carpet or a family member’s favorite pair of pants. Take a sheet of wax paper and spill some nail polish on it. Let the paint dry and peel away the wax paper, then take the dried paint and put it wherever will get the best reaction!

Have you ever been the victim of a particularly funny prank, or have an idea for another idea to add to our arsenal? We want to hear from you! Share Your Story with us!

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