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About Greg

Greg Wolf is an accomplished executive turned advocate for inter-generational connection.  Greg is the CEO of Wolf Media Group and co-founder of iGenCo, which delivers the pre-eminent theatre and inter-generational engagement, Face Age.

Greg rose to prominence as an executive in the 1990’s after completing the most successful IPO in 1994, and subsequently became CEO of Humana. Greg went on to serve as the President of Cigna Group Insurance and Chairman and CEO of Medical Card System before establishing Wolf Media Group and iGenCo.

Greg works with University Laureate Andrew Belser in presenting FaceAge to a wide range of audiences. Face Age is a 56 minute piece of video art built around cross-generational encounters featuring younger and older people studying, describing and touching one another’s faces  – and connecting with their souls.

Greg is the curator of ThroughWolfsEyes.com, an on-line site that is “the” digital resource for providing empowering perspective, original informative content, practical ideas, and meaningful help for the Baby Boom and Silent Generation.

Greg and Dr. Andrew Belser recently launched iGenCo, which is the distribution arm for FaceAge Inter-generational curriculum, training programs, and engagement activities. More information about FaceAge can be found at www.faceage.org.

Speaking Engagement

Greg is a highly regarded corporate and public speaker. He is a venture capital investor, and an early investor in numerous companies in the media, health care and medical device space.

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Jump Around

Or…How Neuro-Linguistic Programming Might Change Your Mind

I admit it, I’m a football junkie. A college football junkie, to be more specific. One of the great scenes and traditions in college football takes place at University of Wisconsin home football games at the end of the 3rd quarter. The entire student section and nowadays, the whole rest of the stadium, jumps and gyrates to the House of Pain song “Jump Around.” It is a scene to behold on television. I can tell you from experiencing it live: it is awesome!

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The i-Generation

A Wall Street Journal article references the coining of a new nickname for the age cohort of people born after 1995. They are called the i-Gen or i-Generation.

Why i-Gen? Because they are the first generation to spend their entire adolescence with a piece of smart technology in their hands. The “I,” of course, is not a reference to the pronoun “me” or “mine” but to all things “lower-case i,” as in i-Pod, i-Phone, or i-Pad.

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Pursuing the Post-Work Life You Want

What’s the number one solution people propose to folks who are nearing retirement or recently retired? Get some hobbies.

Spare me! If only it were that easy to be happy; why we’d all be playing the guitar, and the problem would be solved.

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Pursuing the Work Life Balance

Two Wolves

Every day there is a specific decision you have to make…

It’s the first, and it’s the most important decision because from it, you road map your destiny.

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Check out some of the recent headlines from self-proclaimed leaders in the financial newsletter publishing business…

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Is It You

Many of us are, or have been fortunate – honored – blessed – call it whatever you will – to have someone in our lives whose spirit, or wisdom, or love, or inspiration we think of and draw on when we are making a tough decision, or when we need help, or hope.

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