Have Yourself a D.I.Y. Thanksgiving

//Have Yourself a D.I.Y. Thanksgiving

Have Yourself a D.I.Y. Thanksgiving

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Autumn is a season of the year known quite well for all the decoration it inspires in our homes and communities. Decorating for the fall and winter holidays is a key element of getting in the spirit and preparing for a season of gratitude. Without seasonal decorations, we’d all miss out on a simple part of what makes the holidays so special.

Store-bought decorations can certainly get pricey, though. It seems all stores have caught onto the fact that if they over-price seasonal items, people will still buy them. But fear not! With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, you can save a few bucks and expand your holiday decorating time by getting thrifty and making some of your own creations!

What is D.I.Y?

D.I.Y. stands for Do It Yourself. You may not be gung-ho for all things arts and crafts, and that’s okay – you don’t have to be in order to make your own decorations. As long as you can follow steps in a set of directions and have access to the materials necessary to complete the D.I.Y, you’ll be all set. Recruit some members of the family to join you in the fun and get started!

A popular, reliable, easy-to-follow outlet to find D.I.Y projects is Pinterest, an app that functions as a “catalogue of ideas” and inspires users to create cool, new things – be it a pastry dish, hairstyle, or holiday decoration. Pinterest is a personal favorite of mine, particularly because it’s trouble-free and provides a wide range of results. Follow along for some favorite Thanksgiving D.I.Y. projects – tried and tested!

A Message Board

As family and other guests arrive on Thanksgiving, have each person write down one thing they are grateful for on a paper leaf, and then pin each leaf up on a message board.

To make your own message board, use a linen or piece of fabric of your choice to cover a foam core, and then place the foam core in an old picture frame. To make the paper leaves, cut your own from construction or scrapbook paper in various fall colors, or pick up some pre-cut leaves from your local arts and craft store.

My family is giving this one a try this year! A message board seems the perfect way to keep the meaning of Thanksgiving at the forefront of the holiday.

Pear Place Cards

For this D.I.Y., you might want to wait until it’s closer to Thanksgiving, since you’ll be using fresh fruit. This craft is a personal favorite of mine for its simplicity, time efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

To create your Pear Place Cards, buy some pears (one per guest) and cover them in a coat of gold glitter spray paint. You can also replace the pears with apples or small pumpkins, or create a combination of them all. To make the place cards, cut small rectangular pieces of paper long enough so that they can be wrapped around the stem of the pear. Write each guest’s name on one end of the paper, fold it in half around the pear-stem, and tape the two ends together on the inside. Easy as that!

A Mason Jar Luminary

Courtesy of Pinterest, you can add a little light into your life with this decoration! My friends and I did this D.I.Y. last year to decorate our apartment, and we found this decoration to be a really nice, cozy addition to our home.

To make your Thanksgiving Luminary, you’ll need 3 jars of any size, clear contact paper, 3 leaves (fabric or real), 3 fall-colored craft paints, 1 cup of unpopped popcorn, 3 small candles, raffia, and a paintbrush. Since this a slightly more “elaborate” craft, you most likely will have to take a trip to the store. I would suggest heading to your local dollar store – all or most of your materials can be found there!

To begin, trace each leaf onto a small piece of contact paper and then cut out the shape. Each leaf can be peeled and stuck onto a jar. Next, paint each jar a different fall color. If you’re going for a darker color, feel free to do 2 or 3 coats of paint on each jar, just be sure to let each coat dry before beginning another. Next, after letting the jars completely dry, peel off the contact paper leaves, and place a candle in each jar. Pour enough popcorn into each jar so that it covers almost half of the candle. Then, tie a piece of raffia (string or ribbon could also work) around the top of each jar. Ta-da! Enjoy your homemade luminary!

Which craft peaks your interest? Are you thinking of trying one out? We’d love to hear all about your crafty adventures!

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