How Hostelworld is Making Hostels Cool Again

//How Hostelworld is Making Hostels Cool Again

How Hostelworld is Making Hostels Cool Again

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With new travel trends popping up all over the globe nearly every day, it’s no surprise that budget-friendly options are finally getting their time to shine. While you may be tempted to splurge on a luxury resort, you could be missing out on an opportunity to save some major cash, all while getting an experience of a lifetime.

Enter: Hostelworld.

The popular travel company reigns supreme as the largest online hostel-booking company, and with over 36,000 listed hostels and 10 million guest reviews, they’ve got the statistics and fan base to back it up. Below, we’ve listed some of the ways Hostelworld is helping hostels become cool, and why you should consider booking one for your next adventure.

Revamped Marketing

Recently, Hostelworld made waves in the advertising world when it unveiled a commercial featuring pop sensation Mariah Carey. In the commercial, which uses humor and satire to make fun of the hostel stereotype before proving it wrong, Mariah encounters a booking error while on tour, which leads her to end up in a hostel instead of a 5-star hotel. Despite the popular travel company poking fun at some hostel stereotypes (a man is brushing his teeth in the elevator next to Mariah), Hostelworld was able to use this satirical angle to actually promote the simple and effective idea beyond the franchise. The commercial ends with Mariah making use of the hostel bar and giving an impromptu performance under a headline that reads “even divas are believers.”

“Even people with the highest standards can become hostel believers – and divas don’t come any bigger than Mariah Carey!” said head of Hostelworld brand operations Marek Mossakowski to PR Week. Hostelworld has previously recruited celebrities like 50 Cent and Charlie Sheen to star in their online-only commercials to build buzz for the travel market. This inclusion of high-profile stars to promote the brand speaks to Hostelworld’s efforts to shift the societal viewpoint that hostels are dirty or cheap. “Many people still don’t realize just how much hostels have changed over the past decade,” says Mossakowski. “Now they’ve got all the facilities you’d expect from expensive accommodation, but with an affordable price and with a ready-made community of like-minded travelers to share experiences with.”

Luxurious Rooms in Luxurious Places

One of the best places I went during my time abroad was Madrid, and – you guessed it – I stayed in a hostel. Upon walking into the famous Cat’s Hostel, we were greeted by high ceilings and an open pavillion area with tons of funky pillows and couches to lounge around on. Throughout our stay, we were able to take advantage of free breakfast, free walking tours, and some pretty great sangria in the hostel bar.

While many hostels may get a bad rep for being unclean or unsafe, there are several hostels (like Cat’s) that offer newly renovated rooms and updated amenities. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing a room with other travelers, most places have several private rooms available that will still be cheaper than going to a hotel. However, it’s not just the rooms that are often hidden gems. With over 36,000 properties listed on the site in over 70 countries, there is almost always going to be a hostel near to where you’re going. You’ll get all the culture and luxury you would at a hotel or resort, all while paying a mere fraction of the cost.

Stranger Danger is a Thing of the Past

During my time studying abroad, some of my fondest memories took place in hostels. Because I was traveling with a small group of friends, it was a cheaper and more convenient way for us all to stay together without having to pay ridiculous prices to split hotel rooms. While Airbnb can be nice, prices in some cities can skyrocket for private homes as well. For a traveler on a budget, hostels often include several perks that you can score for free, such as complimentary breakfast or free activities. Because people working at the hostels are almost always locals, they also have the best advice for places to go or things to do that you might pass by if you only rely on Google or brochures.

Perhaps one of the best things about hostels is they are perfect for meeting other travelers. Throughout my travels, I always found that the other people in the hostel were some of the most adventurous people I had ever met. Introduce yourself, and you might get to swap some pretty cool stories!

Between increased efforts to market the exotic and unique locations and a push for more modern amenities and features, it’s no wonder that Hostelworld is making a splash in the travel market. Hostels are also perfect for any age, so you can be sure you’ll always feel welcomed in whatever city you happen to be exploring. What are your thoughts on hostels? Do you think you’ll try one out on your next trip? We want to hear your thoughts. Submit your story!

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