How Should I Say Goodbye to My Family Home?

//How Should I Say Goodbye to My Family Home?

How Should I Say Goodbye to My Family Home?

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You probably remember when your family moved out of the home you grew up in. Walking through your childhood bedroom one last time, saying goodbye to every tangible memory you had.

But now, perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to the home in which you raised your family. The room where your son took his first steps, the street where your daughter learned to ride her bike, the kitchen that served as the backdrop for countless conversations. Your home that holds an infinite amount of memories.

No matter what your reason is – whether you’re downsizing, moving to warmer weather, or just in need of a change – chances are the move won’t be easy. Walking away from a place that had such a huge impact on your life is emotional, but there are things you can do to brighten the seemingly dismal situation.

Let Your Children Say Goodbye

As you know, the emotional aspect of this situation affects your children just as much as it affects you. Even if your children moved out years ago, you should still discuss your decision with them. They have a right to know!

As my brother and I grow older, my mom brings up the topic of moving more and more. I know the day that the for sale sign gets staked into the front yard will be a sad one. Visiting my parents in a new home will feel so strange, but I know the situation is inevitable. All I ask is that I am given the chance to tell my childhood home goodbye.

Give your children the opportunity to spend one more night in the house and eat one last meal around the dining room table. Just a simple act of bringing the family together in that environment for old time’s sake will make handing over the keys slightly easier.

Even if your children are thousands of miles away, you can still share the send-off with them through technology. Thanks to video calling apps like FaceTime and Skype, your children can still say farewell – even if it is through a screen.

Host One Last Hoorah

Your home is probably full of many years worth of laughs and memories with family and friends. So, why not spend your last few nights reminiscing on those good times with the people close to you?

Invite your closest clique for an intimate dinner party or have the whole neighborhood over for the party of the year. If you are moving far from town, this celebration will serve as a wonderful chance to say “see you later” to all your friends.

Don’t stress about the moving boxes or packaging tape that may be scattered around your home. Those are the perfect accessories for an impromptu house-leaving party. Have your guests write down some of their favorite memories in your home. In the future, when you look back at the time spent in the house, remember the joy that the home brought to so many people close to your heart.

Celebrate the Circle of Life

Whether you are comfortable meeting the new owners or not, think about all the new memories that will be created in the house after you. You should be excited to pass down such a happy home to a new family.

The home will always be a drive away. My mother and I drive by her childhood home all the time just so she can reflect on her upbringing. The current owners have even let us walk inside!

Change is exciting, change is emotional, change is good! When you open the door to your new abode, you will make it feel like home. Hold on to the cherished memories from homes past and embrace the new experiences that will come your way.

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