How to Give Your Vintage Clothing Meaning

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How to Give Your Vintage Clothing Meaning

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Does your closet feel like a treasure trove of never-ending clothes from the past? Would you consider yourself an “organized” hoarder?

Many older women may have an abundance of clothes piled up in the back of their closets which are considered “out of style”, or are simply prizes of the past. Items of clothing often hold sentimental value, and perhaps don’t fit right anymore, but seem to hold too much meaning to throw away or donate.

Some contents of your closet may not match your current lifestyle, figure, or age segment. Although certain pieces are “timeless”, fashion is always evolving, just as we all are. Presenting ourselves beautifully and fashionably on the exterior mirrors how we feel about ourselves on the inside. We strive for the world to understand who we are as individuals, and fashion is a creative outlet to get the job done.

Here’s a convenient solution for you: Share your old clothing or jewelry with your younger family members!

Your closet will appear as a thrift store, filled with more personality, sentimental value, and not to mention free of cost! Do you feel reluctant to let go of pieces of clothing which hold immense memorial value to an event or time period in your life? Clothing has the ability to remind you of a certain person, place, or event. By passing the clothing onto a younger generation of your family, the memories will stay alive and be put to good use, instead of collecting dust on the back of your shelf.

Health Benefits of a Clean Sweep

The decluttering process will be filled with a bundle of emotions. Maybe you feel guilty getting rid of clothes that you spent a pretty penny for. Maybe you feel frustrated because the decluttering process seems tedious and lengthy. Maybe you feel fearful of letting go, or simply because you may have nothing left to wear. Luckily, giving your closet a clean sweep is proven good for your health.

Cleaning your closet also means cleaning your mind! Clutter has been linked to anxiety and a heavy impact on our moods. Most of all, clutter causes difficulty staying focused. According to a Bustle article, science has proven many benefits of decluttering your space. Mental benefits include improved concentration and multitasking, increased productivity, a better night’s sleep, improved mood and self-esteem, ability to let go of the past, and a clearer focus on your goals.

Although cleaning out your closet is a daunting and usually avoided task, the benefits ring true. You will feel liberated, refreshed, and in control. Your journey to conquering clutter doesn’t have to be stressful and discouraging. For the next step, you may be asking what to do with all of the expelled items of clothing. The answer lies within your younger family members: the grandchildren.

From Trash to Treasure

As a child, I would love rummaging through my grandma’s old jewelry boxes and seeing what treasures I could discover. Even if all I found was costume jewelry, I held the items with a higher meaning than any other jewelry I owned. Some of my favorite discoveries include a dainty butterfly necklace and clip-on flower earrings from my grandma’s jewelry box, which frankly, she forgot she had. Now, I think of my grandma whenever I wear the necklace, as well as the memory I have of us digging through her forgotten treasures together. The necklace is a small symbol of our bond and how our relationship has blossomed over the years.

From shirts, jackets, pants, belts, purses, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, to dresses, the possibilities are endless! Restyling vintage clothing and being thrifty with style is popular for many people today. Modernizing classic pieces and mixing and matching statement pieces will allow your grandchildren to experiment with your wardrobe. Imagine your time together as a laidback fashion show. Have fun, and let the style inspirations run wild!

Allowing your grandchildren to go “shopping” in your closet will provide them with invaluable pieces layered with sentimental value and timeless appreciation. In today’s marvelous world of trends and fashion, you just never know what style will make a reappearance in the spotlight. What appears vintage to you may suit the newest trend.

Revamp Your Wardrobe… and Yourself!

As we age, our looks and clothes don’t need to take a backseat. You want to look and feel equally as beautiful and confident as you were in your twenties or thirties! You deserve to reclaim your style and look to compliment your inner characters and qualities. Treat yourself to a few new fashion staples and standout pieces. No need to break the bank, especially with online shopping!

Even better, reach out to your grandchildren and pursue the newest style trends. Allow them to share their knowledge of current style with you! Suggest a mall date for you two to enjoy together. Maybe you just want to browse the racks, walk around, and enjoy each others’ company. Either way, a day at the mall is a perfect and simple way to spend quality time with your grandchildren.

Which decade’s popular fashion styles do you wish would make a comeback today? Share your story with us!

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