How to Navigate the Digital World’s Lingo

//How to Navigate the Digital World’s Lingo

How to Navigate the Digital World’s Lingo

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You may find it hard to go a day without hearing someone talk about a social media platform or you maybe even use these platforms yourself. Breaking news is now quickly compressed into 280 characters thanks to Twitter and your favorite memories can now be shared with friends and family in an instant thanks to Facebook.

However, despite the seemingly ubiquitous nature of social media, these platforms can still feel quite foreign. With technology allowing such platforms to update constantly, sometimes it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we want to help you navigate the new digital world. People of all ages are having conversations on social media, so it’s never too late to download these apps, create an account, and start meaningful conversations of your own.


The Lingo:

Wall: Your “wall” is your profile. It’s what people see when they click on your name. Your photo albums, posts, and information are displayed here.

Status: If you want to post an update on your Facebook page, it’s called posting a status. Write whatever you want, add photos if you like, and click “Share.”

Friends: If you want to see other Facebook users, you must send them a friend request. You may also receive requests for which you choose to either accept or deny. Once you are friends on Facebook, the user will be able to access your profile and you can access his or hers.

News Feed: When you first log in to Facebook, you will see your News Feed. This is where you will see a constant stream of updates from friends. From photos to statuses, the News Feed is the hub of the platform.

Likes and Comments: When scrolling through your News Feed you can “like” and “comment” on posts. Just simply click on the appropriate button to show your gratification or to engage with your friends through words. You can also “like” different business accounts to see their posts on your News Feed.

The Low-Down:

Over a decade ago, Facebook was launched in a Harvard dorm room, forging the way for social media as we know it. What started off as a social platform for college kids has now attracted teen and senior users alike.

Facebook is the place to upload photos of special occasions, give updates on what you’re up to, and interact with friends online. The platform is also a perfect space to stay in touch with long distance friends. You can comment on any post your friends make and have conversations from anywhere in the world.


The Lingo:

Tweet: A tweet is to Twitter what a status is to Facebook. Twitter prides itself on keeping things simple. Quickly type out something you want to tweet and then post. Keep your words succinct, though, because tweets are restricted to 280 characters.

Followers: Followers on Twitter are just like friends on Facebook. However, this is exchange is one way. Users can choose to follow you, but you don’t need to follow them, and vice versa. Following another account just allows you to see their tweets on your News Feed.

Favorite: If you stumble upon a tweet that you enjoy, you can click on the heart icon below the tweet to favorite it. These tweets are then saved on your profile so you can access them later.

Retweet: A retweet sounds just like it is. If you see a tweet that you love, click the retweet button to tweet the same tweet on your account. This tweet will then show up on the News Feeds of your followers.

Hashtags: Have you ever seen a “#” in front of a word or phrase on social media? That would be a hashtag. Hashtags were created to allow users to participate in conversations. For example, if you want to find tweets relating to Through Wolf’s Eyes content, simply search #ThroughWolfsEyes for users discussing our content. While hashtags are now used on multiple platforms, they originated on Twitter.

The Low-Down:

I must admit, when I first learned about Twitter several years ago, I was a little skeptical. Why would I need to constantly post updates about my life in 140 characters (they increased this to 280 just last year)? However, Twitter has quickly become a source of entertainment as well as a way to receive current news in an instant.


The Lingo:

Caption: You can add a caption to every image that you post. These captions can supplement your image and host hashtags.

Insta Stories: A fairly new feature, Insta Stories allow users to post images onto their profiles that will only be visible for 24 hours.

The Low-Down:

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram was created with photo sharing in mind. Instagram is a very visual platform, where users can share images and captions in an instant – hence the name, Instagram. Before you upload each post, you have the option to edit your images using different filters and features provided by the platform. Instagram has allowed anyone to become a skilled photographer.

Despite a different purpose, Instagram is almost like a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. It mimics Twitter in its “Followers” and “Following” structure and mirrors Facebook with “likes” and “comments.”

These platforms are not just for people users. Many businesses, including Through Wolf’s Eyes, have social media accounts to interact with their customers, share business updates, and stay in-the-know on current trends.

Whether you’re already on social media or ready to make your first account, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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