Is It Time for a Tiny Retirement?

//Is It Time for a Tiny Retirement?

Is It Time for a Tiny Retirement?

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I’ve always had a love affair with HGTV. From interior design, to buying and selling, each episode that airs fascinates me and makes it difficult to change the channel.

Recently, I noticed that HGTV jumped on board with the tiny house movement. With shows like Tiny House Hunters, Tiny Luxury, and Tiny House Living, I noticed more and more people choosing to downsize and live life a little unconventionally.

You may be asking yourself, “What is the tiny house movement? What are all these shows you’re talking about?”

The tiny house movement describes a new social and architectural phenomenon where people opt to live simply in small homes. Typical tiny homes are between 100 and 400 feet, which is over 6.5 times smaller than an average American home. Coming in all shapes and sizes, tiny homes are attractive because they encourage simpler living and more efficient use of space.

So, should you consider a tiny home during retirement? While tiny homes may not be the best option for some, these homes could be the perfect fit for you. Read on for a breakdown of the many reasons why this movement is gaining traction.

Environmental Factors

Tiny homes leave a smaller footprint on the Earth. Due to their small size, these homes use less energy, take up less space, and therefore, leave less of an impact on our environment when compared to regular size houses.

Living in a tiny home also tends to change people’s consumption patterns. Less rooms to decorate and less area to store things both lead to a lower rate of consumption.

Financial Concerns

The ease on the environment also leads to an ease on financial concerns. For many Americans, nearly half of their paychecks go directly to their homes. Whether it’s purchasing the home, performing routine maintenance, or making major repairs and improvements, living is not cheap. The tiny house movement seeks to change that.

Choosing to purchase a tiny home in retirement can help you stretch your retirement savings. Whether you have a lot or a little saved in the bank, tiny living lets you spend your money how you want to spend it, without being funneled directly to the roof over your head.

Freedom and Time

Since your tiny home is, well, tiny, you’ll spend less time cleaning, organizing, and maintaining the home. The absence of these chores gives you time to travel, visit family, spend time with friends, or pick up a new hobby.

Many tiny homes are even fairly mobile so you never have to commit to one location. Spend some time in one state then head to another!

If you don’t want to lock yourself into a tiny home just yet, considering only spending half of your time in a small house. Many people choose to spend half of the year in warmer locations, so you can experiment with living in a tiny home during that time.

Although it’s technically extreme downsizing, this movement is freeing. What is a “home,” anyway? Wolf Pup Madeline Miller writes, “…‘home’ is so much more than a physical place. Home is a feeling.” It doesn’t matter if you live in a castle or a tiny home, as long as you’re happy in retirement and feel comfortable in the place you live.

So, do you think the tiny movement is for you? Share your story with us!

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