Is It You?

Is It You?

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Many of us are, or have been fortunate – honored – blessed – call it whatever you will – to have someone in our lives whose spirit, or wisdom, or love, or inspiration we think of and draw on when we are making a tough decision, or when we need help, or hope.

That person may have passed away, or they may be very much alive. We may call on them several times a day or only when we desperately need their spirit. But whenever we need them, they are there for us.

Is it you?

Don’t let what’s hard to do keep you from doing what you know you need to do, to do what’s right.

To get some things you’ve never had,

To go to some places you’ve never been,

To have the relationships you’ve always wanted…

You are just going to have to do some things you’ve never done!

But you can do it!

You can be the rock,

You can be the pillar of strength in your family,

You can be the positive force that helps someone turnaround their life,

You can change your own circumstance!

Is it you?

Is it in you?

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