Is Listening To My Grandchildren’s Music Really That Bad?

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Is Listening To My Grandchildren’s Music Really That Bad?

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Music is such an important aspect of who we are. Music can define a certain time in our lives, remind us of a specific event or person, lift our moods, and evoke deep emotions. Best of all, music is meant to be shared.

Just like us, music changes and evolves throughout generations.

Age should not work as a barrier between musical tastes. You might have more in common than you may think with younger generations regarding artists, style, and sounds of today’s music. Sometimes, the best bonding moments are derived from pure enjoyment of each other’s company. Music is an unparalleled medium, perfect for connecting generations on a deeper level.

Music and the Mind

With all of the positive health benefits music sparks within the mind and body, your neurons can’t help but dance along as well! An article by Lifehack lists ways music increases your health, all backed by science. Recent research has proven music has the ability to make you happier because your brain releases dopamine when enjoying some good old tunes. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which helps to control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Music also works to lower stress, helps you get a better night’s sleep, reduces depression, strengthens your memory,  and can help with Alzheimer’s patients’ memory.  

Do you ever wonder why you’re stuck listening to the popular songs of your past, and can’t seem to break the generational rut? Are your high school anthems still your go-to tunes for an instant boost of joy? Music functions as a nostalgia-filled time machine for a reason. According to a Psychology Today article, the reason music from our younger years deems itself as our all-time favorites is due to our brain.

Between the ages of 12-22, our brains go through intense neurological development, meaning the music we love during those 10 years sticks with us for life. When our brains make neurological connections to a song, we then create a memory trace which becomes heigntend with emotions. So, if you were wondering why the songs of high school’s distant memories have the power to take you back instantly, you can thank your teenage hormones.

Music Is Meant to be Shared

Music from the past can be comforting and reassuring – a way of grasping emotions from the lost years through a simple few sounds on the stereo. You can always continue to play your go-to classics, but don’t close yourself off to music of a different generation. Push yourself to open your ears to the sounds your grandchildren or younger family members enjoy. Ultimately, music presents an opportunity to spark conversation and foster unforgettable moments!

One of my favorite music memories was shared with my dad a couple years ago when we had a long drive home from university. To my surprise, he let me play Canadian rapper Drake’s new album all the way through. My dad is not one who enjoys rap, pop, or any music from the past two decades. But, he understood my appreciation and love for Drake’s music, so he happily complied. Music is a token representation of who we are as individuals, and if you’re willing to share your tunes with other listeners, chances are your bond will strengthen.

Pushing the Genre Boundaries

Maybe you’re someone who strictly listens to country music and nothing else. Do you ever wonder what other genres or artists have to offer? Music is constantly evolving, and therefore, pop music may sound different in 2018 in comparison to a previous decade. Music is reflective of history, culture, and society, so opening your mind to new sounds and opinions can help you remain informed and multi-dimensional. Now more than ever, music welcomes blended genres – genres ceasing to exist even a decade ago!

Today’s younger generation is the pioneer and consumer of musical genre-hopping and variety. Specially, Gen Z teens, who range from 11-19 years old, have a more diverse music taste than ever. According to Forbes, 97% of Gen Z females say they listen to at least five musical genres on a regular basis. The takeaway from today’s genre blending listeners aims to teach us about the outlet of music. Introduce your younger family members to your favorite songs, recent or not, and chances are they will listen with an open mind and loving heart.

Respectively, give their music the same chance. Bonds are built on understanding and openness regarding someone else’s interests. Try and ask your younger relatives why their favorite music speaks to them so. Maybe your grandchildren love the lyrics, the instruments, or the beat. Getting to know each other through music will guide the relationship toward a deeper level. With modern music culture, you never know what songs are floating around the airwaves. Let new music give you the opportunity to make new memories with your loved family members, regardless of their generation or genre of choice!

The Sound of Today’s Generation

Yes, listening to modern music will definitely boost your “cool adult” ranking. Start by checking out Billboard’s Hot 100 songs. Although ever-changing, the infamous Hot 100 list will give you an overlooking glimpse into the world of pop culture that your younger family members are most likely delving into as well. Surprisingly, the art of music videos is not dead. Check out the top 50 music videos of the week too!

Feeling ready to leave the comfort of your audible interests behind? Introducing others as well as yourself to new music works to forge connections, even if musical tastes vary between generations. Music has no age limit. Share your earbuds and your speakers, and get to experiencing some new tunes with the ones you love!

Need some help accessing new music? Ask a pup!

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