Is Ridesharing Right For Me?

///Is Ridesharing Right For Me?

Is Ridesharing Right For Me?

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Say hello to mobility and goodbye to transportation setbacks!

With the tap of a button, you can have your own personal chauffeur at your door within minutes, all without breaking the bank. Sounds too good to be true? Transportation complications have been solved by a trusty smartphone app: Uber.

My friends and I use Uber for every transportation excuse, whether we’re going somewhere with no parking spaces, just a short distance, or to dodge inconvenient weather. However, my friends and I are all capable of driving. What if you don’t have access to a car, or can no longer get behind the wheel?

According to a Forbes article, an Uber driver reported how 40% of her clients are seniors.

The rise of ridesharing apps are providing older adults a way to enjoy transportation without the trouble and unpredictability of taxis or public transportation methods. Your mobility and independence are only an app away!

What is ridesharing?

Getting from point A to point B has never been easier. Ridesharing apps provide on-demand rides, making public transportation and taxis almost obsolete in today’s fast-paced (and impatient) society. Popular ridesharing services include Uber, Lyft, Via, and Gett.

However, Uber hails as the monarch of ridesharing services. In 2017, Uber reported over 1.5 million drivers worldwide, making Uber the most popular of transportation services.

Ridesharing services like Uber are ultimately crushing the taxi industry. According to the Washington Post, Uber drivers are making more money as chauffeurs than professional taxi drivers do.

Now is the time to say goodbye to taxi cabs and relying on others for rides. Take control of your mobility with Uber! Check out ways Uber works to increase independence and transportation options for older adults in this short video.

Why should I use Uber?

Every week, my dad flies back and forth for his job. He used to drive to the airport bright and early, and then had to deal the burden of what to do with his vehicle once he was at the airport. Airport parking is a timely hassle, from parking the car to additional commutes to the proper terminal. Paying for airport parking can add up to be quite expensive depending on the duration of your trip.

Now, my dad relies on one quick Uber directly to the airport. Riding with Uber saves my dad time, money, and an unnecessary headache! Thanks to Uber, parking is one less aspect of the airport to worry about. Just like my dad, allow Uber to replace inconvenient driving and parking situations without making a dent in your wallet.

Uber allows you to take transportation matters into your own hands without getting behind the wheel. Ridesharing services are perfect for adults who are unable to drive, lack a license or vehicle, feel uncomfortable behind the wheel, or are looking for simple convenience.

According to Transportation for America, seniors who no longer drive make 15 percent fewer trips to the doctor, 59 percent fewer trips to shop or eat out, and 65 percent fewer trips to visit friends and family than drivers of the same age. With Uber, you won’t have to miss any more appointments or activities due to a lack of transportation!

Upon downloading Uber, you will have access to readily available rides for any occasion – big or small. From trips to the mall, doctor’s appointments, rides to the airport, or to spend time with loved ones, your road is endless with Uber.

Availability and Safety

Uber is available in almost all places. You can choose Uber in large cities rather than taking public transportation, or you may just find that Uber is the only transportation available in secluded areas. When in doubt, Ubers are often found in locations where taxis or other public transportation methods are not. Even if you find yourself in a less busy area, you can still rely on Uber for a ride! Wherever you are headed, count on Uber for a ride 24/7. Once your Uber is confirmed, you will be provided with the driver’s name and phone number, type of car, and license plate information. Uber is committed to keeping riders and drivers safe on the road. Uber also allows you the option to share your ETA and contact their support team at any time of the day.


With Uber, payment is completely seamless. No cash is needed! Uber provides economy cars at everyday prices. Uber will automatically charge your method of payment once the ride is requested. Uber works with your debit or credit card within the app. Lucky for you, the payment includes a tip, which means no calculations necessary!

The cost of Uber depends on the time of day, distance of ride, and traffic conditions. For example, a quick ride to the grocery store in the afternoon may cost around $5. However, if you live in a large city and want to travel during rush hour, rates can get high! With Uber, you are able to check the price of a prospective trip before ordering the ride. Checking the price is important — make sure your Uber to the grocery store won’t cost you a fortune during rush hour when the Uber could cost a fraction of the price at noon!

Quick and punctual

With one tap,  your ride comes directly to you within minutes. One of Uber’s most reliable features is the ability to track your driver. From the moment your ride request is accepted, you can follow your Uber from the moment the vehicle arrives at your doorstep all the way to your arrival at your destination. Personally, I have never waited more than 10 minutes for an Uber to arrive. Once you are in the Uber, you as the passenger are the priority. Your Uber will not make multiple stops picking up and dropping off other riders. Leave the stress of directions and navigation to your driver – they know exactly where to go, following their navigation.


Uber allows you to commute anywhere at anytime. Forget having to schedule a bus or taxi days ahead of your needs. Uber is made to conform to your transportation needs, just order an Uber at a time when you are ready to go. No more planning or waiting for your next ride!

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Let’s get riding!

According to Uber’s website, you are only three easy steps away from requesting your first ride. Where will you choose to go?

  1. Download the App: The Uber app is available for free from the app store. Open the app to create your account and enter your payment method.
  1. Request A Ride: Next, enter your destination in the “Where to?” box. Simply type in the name of your location or enter a specific address. You will be asked to choose a ride option. UberX is a common ride option, fitting up to 4 people. Other Uber options are UberXL, fitting up to 6 people, UberPOOL, where you can carpool with other riders in a sedan, and Premium Uber, where luxury vehicles are available to help you arrive in style. If you tap on a ride option, Uber will provide the fare amount, vehicle capacity, and per minute wait time.
  1. Ride: Tap “Confirm UberX” and you will automatically see your driver’s picture and vehicle details. You will also be able to track their location and arrival time on the updated map.

Hint: Grandchildren are a great resource for technology guidance!

Need assistance?

If you need additional aid, lean on uberASSIST for a helping hand. According to Uber, uberASSIST is a vehicle option that offers additional assistance to members of the senior and physically disabled community. The assist vehicles are perfect for accommodating folding wheelchairs, walkers, and collapsible scooters. Trained drivers are educated on how to assist riders with mobility challenges. Currently, uberASSIST is not available in all cities. However, the uberASSIST feature is quite helpful and worth keeping an eye out for in your city!

The Uber app works best on smartphones and tablets. However, don’t fret if you and technology don’t mesh well together! Uber has partnered with services like GoGoGrandparent for older adults who don’t have smartphones or simply have technical difficulties. GoGoGrandparent works with on demand transportation companies to help families take better care of older adults. The service allows anyone to call an Uber for an adult in need. GoGoGrandparent provides real-time updates of the ride to ensure a safe trip.

Uber will allow you to go from place to place independently without transportation worries. Sign up now for safe, reliable rides in just minutes!

Today, Uber is becoming an essential for travel regardless of what situation you may find yourself in. If you have any Uber or ridesharing service related questions, Ask A Pup! We who belong to the iGeneration rely on Uber as the ultimate car service we can’t seem to live without!

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