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I’m from Phoenixville, and while many people assume I mean Phoenix, Arizona, it’s actually a small town about forty minutes outside of Philadelphia. I loved growing up in the friendly, family-oriented, safe town of Phoenixville.

As much as I love it there, and as much as I love my college town at Penn State, I recently felt the need to push myself outside of my comfort zone (especially since I will soon be “adulting” after my graduation). So, I jetted off to California this past summer for an internship program.

I was blessed to be able to experience the City of Angels in all its glory. I not only learned more about myself and my career goals, but I also learned about people.

While there, I was shopping at Trader Joe’s one day, and a woman with her six young children were in line ahead of me. After talking with her for a little, I found out she, too, is studying Public Relations and will graduate in May 2019 – just like me. As simple as it sounds, the most important thing I learned in California is that we, as individuals, really are more alike than different, and that’s a beautiful thing.

I may be an Instagram-loving college student who one day hopes to have her own office in California, and you have your own interests and aspirations. Yet, we both have room to learn and grow, in any and all aspects of life.

I never want to feel completely in my comfort zone, because that would mean I’m not challenging myself, bettering myself and others, and ultimately, I’m not learning. I’m in the process of pushing my boundaries and connecting with all kinds of people, and I am so excited to be a part of Through Wolf’s Eyes and hear from all of you!

So, let’s learn some more together, shall we?

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