Keep Your Friends Close and Your Soul Sparkling

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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Soul Sparkling

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Throughout my short, although fast-paced 19 years of living, many things have changed. However, one thing that never did was my long-lasting friendship with Caroline, my girl-next-door. We grew up just doors down from one another. Because I’ve known her for so long, I can barely even imagine a world without her in it.

When our friendship began, we knew nothing other than making snowmen in our front yards and begging street walkers to buy our lemonade. However, as years went on and a more complicated chapter of life began to take route, we lived our own lives, but always with each other in mind. There weren’t as many snowmen built and the only lemonade we bought was from a store, but we created new adventures instead. Through every single life plot-twist, Caroline has seen it, even if only second-hand.

Lifelong friendships are infinitely beautiful for a number of different reasons, and they’re one of the most meaningful things in this world. These friends just understand you, and often times don’t need an explanation of your behavior or mental processes, because they’ve seen it so many times that there’s no need for a reminder. Long-time bonds are strong, and built to the point where they can withstand many obstacles.

A certain level of comfort can be found in people whom you’ve spent your life with, however, this isn’t always enough. As you age, the friendships you had when you were younger may alter and may even fizzle out. Things in life change sometimes, and more evident than not, people change as well. This sounds a bit disappointing, but it can open new doors nonetheless. There’s no deadline for making new friends, and it should be something you continue to do for the rest of your life. New friendships can be just as valuable as the old ones. Even creating friendships with others who may be younger or elder than you are can be an alternative friendship experience as you explore the age gap and what lies within.

In the workplace, it’s often a melting pot of ages in a typical array of staff. Although it may seem only as a minor component of professional life, casual friendships in a work environment are worth a lot. General interactions with colleagues can help in developing your career, which is pretty helpful as we live in a time when networking seems to be almost essential for success. Engaging with those outside of your age range is a proactive way to learn about those belonging to other generations, and maybe even see things through a new set of eyes.

My father works in an office where he is surrounded primarily by people that are half his age. This sort of environment has made for an interesting effect on my dad, as he’s adopted certain slang terms which he definitely wouldn’t normally use. Because of these generational differences, he seems almost like a fish out of water. However, his “work friends,” as he’s come to call them, help him stay aware of what’s cool, and above all, make him feel young.

Meeting new people allows your mind to explore a plethora of new things. Through others you can clearly see how unique each and every one of us is and discover the things which tie us together. Whether it be sports, fashion, or even something as small as a similar interest in fast foods, some of the littlest things have large potential to act as a segway into a strong bond. In developing your chummy attachments to whom you want to spend your best moments with, think about those who allow your mind to run free and provide you with never-ending adventures.

Although life has its surprises and oftentimes uncontrollable twists, choose carefully who you want to share your moments with, whether they be good or bad. With best friends by your side, life can become the most fun party you’ve ever been invited to. The greatest friends of all will push your limits, make you laugh, sometimes make you cry, and maybe even make you dinner if you ask nicely.

The best times of your life only have value if your people are there to experience them with you. No matter how long it takes, you’ll find those people – and you’ll want to keep them around for every single waking second. Who are those people for you? We want to hear about them.

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