Let’s Get Grounded: Here’s How

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Let’s Get Grounded: Here’s How

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It’s difficult to prioritize your values and find out what means the most to you when you are struggling to feel a sense of home within the walls of your own body and mind. Sometimes we stray from who we are or are simply grappling to find our meaning in life.

The only way to feel grounded in ourselves is by discovering our roots. What’s at the core of who you are? What are the pillars that you stand for? What gives you the warm, fuzzy feeling of safety and home?

Coming together with what matters most to you will allow you to feel stable and connected to others. This feeling isn’t something that happens overnight, though. It requires you to invest time in certain outlets that will aid you in your journey.


Spending quality time with loved ones is one of the purest ways to feel stability. Especially as we age, communicating with our family and friends has proven health benefits, such as improved brain function and social skills.

Get in touch with the people who you choose to have and keep in your life, and consider why you want them around. Learn about them and why you love them, and in turn, you’ll learn something about yourself.

Throughout your quest to discover your priorities, lean on your family and friends as your support system. They can serve as a guide, or simply people who will always have your back.


In order to fully experience the effect that nature can have, I’m going to ask of you one important requirement: Unplug yourself.

Unplugging is a lot more difficult than it sounds. And in today’s society, when everyone else seems to be plugged in, the task proves even more taxing. Alas, unplugging must be done.

So leave your phone and any other connections to the digital world back home on your nightstand, and go immerse yourself in nature. Whether you go out for a hike, overlook the ocean, or have a picnic at a park, being around green and blue spaces is known to be a freeing and refreshing experience. Feeling “in-tune” with nature allows you to feel more “in-tune” with yourself.


Invest time in books that really speak to you. If you have a specific religious affiliation, consider reading the appropriate holy texts in an effort to become more spiritual and faithful. If you’re a particularly thoughtful person, perhaps books about philosophy will better suit your style.

There are so many genres of literature you can read to resonate yourself to one of the theorized “meanings of life.” Understanding how big and powerful the world is will help you hone in on how you want to live your life and what matters the most to you.

Where do you turn to feel grounded? Do you have an additional outlet to add to our list? Please share your story with us and help our readers!

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