Meal Kit Delivery Service: Convenient, Fun, and Tasty

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Meal Kit Delivery Service: Convenient, Fun, and Tasty

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My parents , ages 54 and 51, have a new fascination. It saves them money, fits their busy schedules, and tastes delicious! Who doesn’t want that?

Their addiction is with meal kit delivery service, and Blue Apron is their drug of choice.

You see, my parents both work full-time jobs and still have children at home, so their schedules get pretty tight, and they have limited overlapping free time.

Eating dinner together is something that my family values and for which we strive to always make time. But, my parents often arrive home late, and they’re too tired to go grocery shopping and cook a substantial family meal.

When this happens, they resort to going out, ordering in, or microwaving something quick. Their options boil down to spending a chunk of money or eating pre-made, processed food, neither of which are ideal.

With meal kit delivery service, fresh and portioned ingredients and recipes are delivered to their front door the day on which they chose. All they have to do is open up the ingredients, follow a simple recipe, and enjoy a healthy meal.

How does it work?

Simply put, you visit a meal kit delivery company’s website and sign up for a meal plan by choosing what meals you want, how often you want them, and how many people you’re serving. On the days you ordered a meal, you can expect a package delivered to your home sometime in the afternoon. The package is a refrigerated box, so none of the ingredients will spoil.

In the box, you will find recipes for a main course and a side dish or two. Every ingredient, sauce, and seasoning will also be included. Your meals will be perfectly portioned for the serving sizes you previously specified. While items like butter and eggs will be included, the services assume you have olive oil and salt and pepper.

From there, it’s time to don  your chef’s hat and begin cooking! The enclosed recipes are made to be simple and easy to follow. Depending on the meal and service company you order from, the prep work for each meal varies. While Blue Apron is known for having more prep work, their recipes come with lots of cooking tips, so people who want to expand their cooking skills will learn while they go.

Why should I sign up?

Why shouldn’t you sign up?

Meal kit delivery services are great for all types of people. If you’re often strapped for time or simply aren’t a fan of running around a grocery store, meal kit delivery cuts the grocery trip from your to-do list, saving time and frustration. The convenience factor can’t be beat!

After a hefty grocery trip or a night out to dinner, your wallet may have taken a hit. Meal delivery kits are practically priced for the food and convenience you’re paying for. Prices vary depending on the company you choose, but they average anywhere from $9-15 per person, with free shipping included.  

Eating healthy often gets a bad wrap for being expensive and time-consuming, but meal kit delivery cuts both those cons out of the equation.

Also, you will often find more exotic ingredients that you don’t have to buy a ton of, allowing you to try new and different food without ending up with jars of expensive saffron or truffles that might otherwise go bad. Meal kits expand your variety of tastes, knowledge of foods, and overall diet consumed.

If you are a lover of home-cooked meals, enjoy a little home cooking, and value healthy eating, meal kit delivery services are won’t let you down.

How do I get started?

First, I would suggest doing a little research online. Depending which company you want to use, there are different meal plan options available. Checking out your options and choosing the plan and company that fits your schedule best. My parents are big fans of Blue Apron, but there are plenty others, such as Hello Fresh, Sun Basket, and Green Chef.

When it comes to meal plans, there are a bunch of options. Some companies even break down their meals into categories like gluten-free, organic, vegan, or high protein. Once you choose the type of food you want, you then pick out specific meals that you want delivered.

Not all companies break down their recipes into categories where you choose a specific type of meal. Some simply prove a master list of recipes in which you choose which specific ones you want delivered.

As for choosing portions, most companies will let you pick between 2 and 4 servings per meal. If you’re cooking for 3, I would suggest choosing the 4 serving option and keeping any leftovers for another day. If your 3 people eat lightly, then the 2 person serving may suit you better.

You chose your meals and servings, so next you decide how often you want the meals delivered to you. Most companies offer anywhere from 2-4 days per week.  

In the box, there are recipes for a main course and a side dish or two. Along with the recipes is every ingredient, garnish, and seasoning. Everything is perfectly portioned for the amount of servings you specified.

Depending on the meal and service company you order from, the prep work for each meal varies. Blue Apron is known for having more prep work, but their recipes come with lots of cooking tips, so people who want to expand their cooking skills will learn while they go.

Talk to us!

I hope you try out a meal kit delivery service and enjoy it as much as my family and I do. If you decide to give it a go, please share your experience with us and Submit Your Story!

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