Moving with Kids

//Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids

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The decision was made. After years of teaching in a nearby high school, an opportunity came for my husband to take an administrative position at a university campus down state. With four children to uproot from their schools and a community they had lived in for 12 years, it had been a difficult decision to make.

My oldest child, a daughter Pam, would be going into her senior year of high school. There were many tears and pleas of wanting to stay for her last year. I was determined that if she stayed, it could not be with one of Pam’s many girlfriends. So I asked her employers –  an older gentleman, a surveyor, and his wife – if they would be willing to have Pam stay with them. They lived within walking distance of the high school and were thrilled to have a teenager in the house again.

The three boys in the family, oldest going into his junior year in high school, middle son going into eighth grade, and the youngest into fourth grade, did share their concerns about moving, but they seemed to take the move with interest.

And so moving day came…and they ­ALL moved.

The new home was a very old brick home on a suburban street in the new town, very different from where they had lived before. It was summer, so everyone was getting used to the town, the neighborhood, the schools they would attend. The home was only a short way from a shopping mall. At the time, shopping malls were just beginning to be built and were a fascinating new way to really “shop.” This interested daughter Pam greatly. What teenager doesn’t like to shop?! She had some of her friends from the old neighborhood come to visit, and she fixed up her bedroom in the new place.

But, when it came time for school to start, Pam went back to the old home town and got situated with the couple who were looking forward to her year with them. She had a nice bedroom, her own TV, and the run of the house. We all missed her, and the boys exchanged letters with her (no cell phones then!).

The three boys, Rick, Geoff, and Jay, got acclimated to their different schools, Rick in the high school, Geoff at the junior high, and Jay at the local elementary, a walk from home. The older boys had to catch the city bus across the street to go to school.                                                                               

About a month into the school year, Pam called one evening, in tears. She said that she didn’t care where she went to school, as long as she was with her family. Well, you never saw anyone move so fast in your life! Her dad was in the car and going back to the old neighborhood to bring her “home.” The boys were delirious, and mom was so happy and relieved.

She entered the new school, made some really good friends, and graduated. Pam went on to a local university campus for two years, then to the main campus for the next two years, graduating with her teaching degree.

The story goes on, but that’s for another chapter. Just goes to show, home really is where the heart is.

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