New Faces In The Workplace: How to Communicate with the Incoming Generation

//New Faces In The Workplace: How to Communicate with the Incoming Generation

New Faces In The Workplace: How to Communicate with the Incoming Generation

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The iGeneration, those born in the late twentieth century, are slowly swarming the workplace. As more and more from this generation finish school and begin careers, you may find yourself feeling outnumbered by the young minds that surround you.

You may have heard things about the iGeneration. You may have some preconceived notions. People claim the iGeneration is screen-obsessed, entitled, and lazy.  Yes, those traits may apply to some, but they are not exclusive to my generation. My experiences and observations have helped me see a different truth, one I hope you will come to understand too!

Don’t be alarmed by this invasion, but rather, welcome the iGeneration with open arms! When we put our minds together, great things can happen. Despite the positive potential this partnership possesses, the relationship between us may take some time. We both grew up in different times and therefore have different ways of doing things.

As a Wolf Pup here at Through Wolf’s Eyes, I am here to share the secret ways of the iGeneration. How we think, how we talk, and how we can work together best.

We Are Masters of Digital Communication

We grew up in the heart of the digital age. We were raised with Gameboys and Nintendos in hand and CD-ROMS in site. We witnessed the birth and death of MySpace and dominate the social media scene. And, most importantly, we constantly communicate through text, not face-to-face.

Therefore, an email or an instant message may be the most successful route, in some cases. Digital communication allows people to juggle multiple conversations and tasks at the same time—something we have mastered.

We Appreciate Brevity

Due to our efficiency in the digital space, we grew up getting our messages across in quick, concise ways. After all, we were Twitter users long before the new 240-character limit.

Because of this, and the quick pace of today’s world, keeping everything short and sweet with young adults in the office is a huge perk. Usually, there is no need to fluff up an assignment and send a two-page, extremely detailed email. Say what you need to say and trust that we will ask questions if needed. We—at least myself—were raised on the K.I.S.S. principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

We Are Ready To Work

More and more jobs are abandoning the typical 9–5 workday and moving towards a 24-hour cycle. The digital age has connected the world in unprecedented ways and companies must react to crises in an instant.

Even though we don’t necessarily do work in an office Monday through Friday, we are responsible for getting our work done timely and efficiently. Time management is our middle name and we are experts in accountability.

We know that the work dynamic is changing and are prepared to commit extra hours to companies we care about. Just like you, we are passionate people and are usually willing to go the extra mile when needed. Don’t be afraid to give us greater responsibilities or ask us to do more because chances are– we want bigger duties.

We Need Guidance

While some of us won’t want to admit that we still have a lot to learn, the truth is we do. You have double, triple the amount of experience we do. Your experience is your advantage and by sharing it with us, you can help nurture the next generation of professionals, CEOs, and thought leaders.

As a member of the iGeneration, I know that I won’t be able to succeed in my career without the aid of my predecessors. I recognize that you’ve already learned this job, lived this job, and mastered this job—so why wouldn’t I want your help?

While we were all raised in different times, we find ourselves working together constantly. Good ideas wouldn’t become great ideas without a positive relationship between wise industry veterans and fresh, eager rookies.

Do you have questions about iGeneration communication that we didn’t answer? Ask a Pup! Have a story about an interaction you’ve had with one of the iGeneration? Share your story!

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