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Profitable Home Hobbies

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My grandmother knits beautiful scarves during the holiday season. She knit so many that at one point, we had more than enough scarves to wrap up all four of her grandkids and then some. When I asked her why she made so many, she said that she sells them to her friends. The scarves keep her friends warm in the winter and also help her earn a bit of extra money during retirement – a win win!

According to a HuffPost article, making and selling arts & crafts is a popular way retirees are making extra money, and knitting is just one of the possible hobbies. Arts & crafts isn’t the only thing you can sell to make money, you also can turn your other hobbies into profitable part-time businesses.

Arts & Crafts

If you have a hobby of creating your own jewelry or artwork, you can have a part-time business of your own through Etsy, an online marketplace where people sell their handmade goods. All you need to do is create your profile on Etsy, take pictures of your work, set a price, and post your items for sale. If you’d like, you can allow for people to customize their orders based on what other products you have and are willing to use. The key to remember is to include popular keywords that have to do with what you are selling so that your post appears when people search the term. For example, if you create beautiful earrings, you can put “wedding” or “anniversary gift” in your keywords so that your earrings appear when people search either terms.


Blogging has become very popular and websites like WordPress exist to help you create your blog for free. If you enjoy creating new recipes, you should think about creating a food blog. Share your scrumptious recipes with others and don’t forget to include pictures of your food so the readers can know what the end goal should look like. If food isn’t your forte, you can blog about almost anything – your favorite travel destinations, lifestyle tips, or the best restaurants in the places you’ve visited before. If your blog posts gain a lot of traffic, you can begin to make some money. For instance, if your food or restaurant review blog takes off, you may begin receiving requests to write a review for a restaurant in exchange for money. You might also consider selling advertising on your blog for some income, using the WordPress Advertising Plugin.


Using fresh ingredients can have a tremendous effect on the quality of your meals, which may be the reason why you started gardening in the first place. Your green thumb can grow beautiful plants and fresh fruits and vegetables that can help you make a profit by selling them to local shops in your area. Pay attention to what fresh foods are in season and in high demand so you can earn the most profit for your gardening.


For some, cleaning is considered a hobby. If you’re in a “spring cleaning” mood all year long, then you can clean out your home and sell items that you don’t need and are in good condition. Popular sites to sell items are Ebay and Amazon. Make sure that all the items you plan on selling are in good condition before trying to sell them. Another way to make cleaning profitable is to start a cleaning service. List the services you think you do best and decide on how much to charge people. Once you have figured the key points, you can start by getting the word out. Talk to your friends and neighbors and network through them to get more clients.

Walking Dogs

Walking your dog is healthy for you and your dog: You both get some fresh air and exercise. Consider turning your daily routine into a part-time business by asking your neighbors if they want someone to walk their dog during the afternoon. Oftentimes, people don’t have time to walk their dog everyday when they have a full-time job, so your service can be in high demand. Even though you may only be able to walk a few dogs at a time, you can still earn a bit of money. According to the HuffPost article previously mentioned, dog walkers can charge up to $15 to $25 an hour, per dog.

Turning your hobby into a part-time business helps you continue to do what you love, share it with others, and earn a bit of extra income during retirement. Need some help setting up your Etsy shop to sell your arts and crafts? Maybe you have some questions about how to set up your blog on the WordPress platform?  Ask A Pup! We can help!

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