Safe and Gym-Free Exercise Options

//Safe and Gym-Free Exercise Options

Safe and Gym-Free Exercise Options

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Exercising can be intimidating. While you know you want to lead a physically active life, you may not know the best way to go about it. Whether you’re looking to become more active or just switch up your typical workout regime, exercise is often about finding your niche.

Standardized gyms can be intimidating, especially because you have to plan your own workouts and know your physical limits. Specialized gyms and workout styles are gaining recognition, as many focus strongly on one health aspect. Because many of such exercise options are taught in a class setting, an instructor will be with you to encourage you, guide you, and offer exercise modifications if necessary.

Below are some unconventional workout types that target specific health needs.


Yoga is known to improve flexibility, balance, and strength. According to an article by The Copra Center, Yoga has specific benefits to seniors, such as improving joint health and respiration as well as reducing high blood pressure.

Yoga is also an experience of the mind. During classes, instructors lead mediation and encourage you to listen to and be in touch with your body. Being aware of your body’s needs and limits will help you become more connected to your overall health goals.

If you’re looking for a modified version of a typical yoga class, consider chair yoga. Chair yoga is more gentle in that all the movements involve sitting on the chair or holding onto it for balance.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a very low-impact type of workout to keep you from damaging your joints. If you suffer from arthritis or have any injuries to your back, legs, feet, or knees, water aerobics could be the best type of workout for you.

While water exercises are sometimes assumed to be easy, the opposite seems to be true. Your body feels 90% lighter, but you’re actually working against 12 times the resistance of air when in the water, according to a Livestrong article. This allows you to burn more calories and increase your strength at the same time.


If you’ve got the dancing bug and are interested in a challenging workout, try out a Zumba class. Fun and upbeat, Zumba classes provide a cardiovascular workout and can help relieve stress.

Zumba is a blend of dance and aerobics classes and is set to Latin and international tunes. You can expect a little hip-hop, salsa, and merengue dance moves intermixed with squats and lunges.

Whether you’re confident in your dancing abilities or not, Zumba is known to be an enjoyable experience for people of all abilities. What better way to burn calories and work up a sweat?

For a modified version, Zumba Gold is now being offered at many locations. Zumba Gold is basically a low-intensity Zumba class that is geared toward the needs of the aging population.

How do you maintain your health through exercise? Tell us about your favorite classes!

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