Spending Quality Time With Your Boredom

Spending Quality Time With Your Boredom

The state of boredom is one we all dread. Many times, we find ourselves uncomfortable with the dull, lethargic notion of being alone with our own thoughts.

Replacing hours of monotony with recreational activities is the ideal mental getaway from the humdrum of boredom.

Why are we so reluctant to be bored?

While alleviating boredom is something we always strive to do, boredom does provide many benefits. In fact, experiencing boredom is essential to motivating changes throughout our lives while sparking creative ideas.

Boredom’s Benefits

Sitting mindfully with your boredom allows you to focus on finding new perspectives.

Embracing boredom provides many benefits for your life and well-being. Allow your mind to be free, focus on your future, and be at peace with your thoughts!

Creative Thoughts

Boredom and daydreaming go hand-in-hand. According to a study from the Creativity Research Journal, boredom encourages our minds to wander, leading us to dabble in more associative and creative ways of thinking.

According to John Eastwood, an associate professor of psychology at York University, we can learn from our boredom. “If we don’t ever slow down to allow ourselves the possibility of being bored, we’ll never have the opportunity to kind of clarify our own desires and our own abilities and our own unique way of expressing ourselves and engaging with the world,” Eastwood said. Collecting your thoughts on complex issues will lead you to devise a creative solution.

The next time you feel your mind is at a loss of excitement, remember that boredom is a fertile state. Your next big idea could spur from blatantly letting your mind wander during boredom.

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Life Changes

Is your boredom trying telling you something? A study conducted in 2014 by the University of Louisville’s Department of Philosophy discusses the bright side of boredom. According to the study, “In the absence of boredom, one would remain trapped in unfulfilling situations, and miss out on many emotionally, cognitively, and socially rewarding experiences.”

Boredom also involves a strong motivational and moving component. The study continues to state, “Boredom is both a warning that we are not doing what we want to be doing and a ‘push’ that motivates us to switch goals and projects.”

From searching for a new job, relocating, or tackling a new venture, let your boredom guide you down a different path!

A Break From Boredom

Although boredom is beneficial, you shouldn’t spend your entire life alone with your thoughts. Once you’ve reaped sufficient benefits from the down time, permit yourself to focus on alleviating your boredom.

Since boredom leads people to form creative thoughts and eventual life changes, harness the power of boredom and act upon your new ideas! Allow your boredom to guide you toward new hobbies you may not have previously thought to enjoy.

Life is not meant to be lived without fulfilling, exciting experiences. When the boredom becomes monotonous, participating in mentally and physically stimulating activities is the perfect way to spend your time.

Engaging in activities boosts social interaction, and makes a positive impact on your overall mood and self-esteem. Keeping yourself sharp and social translates to a happy and satisfying existence.

Oftentimes, boredom stems from loneliness. Reach out to family and friends to tag along on your endeavors to cure boredom. Building and maintaining relationships can certainly diminish bored thoughts– and bring happiness!

If you find yourself lacking new activities to alleviate boredom, try out the following not-so-average ways to pass the time.

Laugh it off: As the old saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.” In laughter’s defense, humour provides a classic escape, as well as health benefits. According to Mayo Clinic, laughter activates and relieves your stress response and soothes tension, which aides in muscle relaxation. Attending a local comedy show or heading over to the movie theater to grasp a bit of life’s natural boredom remedy will do you some good. What are you doing next Friday night? Gather up a group of friends and enjoy a good laugh!

Create a quilt: Quilting is a skill, hobby, expression of creativity, stress reliever, and self-esteem booster. Studies have shown that quilting is an activity for cognitive, creative, and emotional well-being, especially amongst older people. Never quilted before? Check out this video tutorial for beginners!

Join social media: For many older adults, social media appears as a “danger zone” designated to teenagers and young adults. However, social media marks an opportunity to fill the gaps of boredom in your life. Social media platforms offer countless ways to stay connected with family and friends, find others with similar interests, express your feelings, and interact with your favorite athletes, brands, celebrities, and more. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are gateways into the wonderful world of social interaction. Sit down with an experienced family member or friend for a few hours and learn the ins-and-outs of the platforms. Let’s get you connected!

Adopt a pet: Adopting a loyal and lovable pet into your home is the perfect activity for someone in need of extra companionship. Many animals are in desperate need of a new home and a little TLC! Taking in a new pet, especially one who is already house trained, will bring joy to your everyday routine. Pets offer a sense of well-being and independence for their owners, as well as promote an active lifestyle! Check out adoptapet.com, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, or visit your local ASPCA.

Learn a new instrument: As a child, many of us were plagued to learn an instrument, such as the timeless piano. However, years later, your musical skills and remembrance may have faded. Luckily, picking up an instrument is easier as a motivated and coordinated adult. With a lifetime of listening to music and an increased attention span, why not learn to excel on the ukulele, harmonia, bongos, or saxophone? Playing an instrument is a great outlet to foster your self-expression. Pay a visit to your local music shop, and make sure to take advantage of online instrument tutorial videos!

Ditch the mall: Forget your local department stores, now is the time to explore new shopping options. Consider spending an afternoon at a consignment or thrift store, scavenging for hidden gems amongst the items for sale. Search for flea markets and farmers markets in your area. Both types of markets include a variety of unique vendors – you never know what niche craft you may discover. Many times, flea markets are held outdoors, which can make for a nice day in the sun. Flea markets are especially enjoyable with a friend or family member. From antiques to freshly grown vegetables, farmer’s markets provide countless opportunities to discover unpredictable treasures. Visit this website to locate flea and farmers markets in your area!

Has your boredom brought you to an exciting life change? Share your story with us!

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