Stop and Smell the Roses! No, Really – Smell Them!

//Stop and Smell the Roses! No, Really – Smell Them!

Stop and Smell the Roses! No, Really – Smell Them!

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You hear people say it all the time… “Slow down! Life is too short to be so stressed, you need to stop and smell the roses!” And by “smell the roses,” they mean appreciate and reflect upon the sweet aspects of your life. It’s an idiom – duh.

How silly it would be if someone told you to actually smell roses!

But, maybe they should start?

As funny as it sounds, smelling roses – quite literally – may not be the worst idea. In fact, research has proven that smelling roses can bring about positive health effects. Who’da thunk  it?

What Are the Benefits?

Roses are used quite often for aromatherapy, and they have been for quite some time now. According to Alternative Daily, smelling the essential oil of rose “has been linked to uplifting mood, soothing anxiety and depression symptoms, balancing hormones, lowering blood pressure, relieving headaches, slowing the rate of breath and generally creating a sense of happiness and harmony.”

Even when you’re not awake, rose is still doing your body good. If rose is enjoyed before going to bed, you’ll likely have a more restful sleep and experience positive dreams.

If you apply rose oil to your skin, you’ll find that your skin feels smoother and healthier. On top of that, rose can help heal skin conditions, wounds, and scars. However, before apply the oil topically, consult with an expert in the natural health field to make sure you’re practicing properly.

The rose fragrance can also aid in the battle against mental illnesses. Organic Facts states that rose “acts as a tonic for the nerves” and gives people “the strength to bear shock,” which could help those struggling with anxiety. Rose oil is also considered an antidepressant because it enhances self-confidence and mental strength.

Just when you thought that was it, rose continues to bring about health benefits. Smelling rose fragrance can help to decrease inflammation, purify your blood, and protect against viruses. Is there anything it can’t do?!

How Can I Access It?

Well, you guessed it! The best way to smell some roses is to go smell some roses. Have a walk around a garden, grab yourself a bouquet, or carve out a space of your own at home and plant a couple rose bushes.

If you’re into aromatherapy or are interesting in trying it out, rose essential oil is a great way to start. Add a drop of rose oil into a diffuser and enjoy the smell and feelings that come with it. However, because rose oil requires the use of many, many roses to make a small amount of oil, it can be pretty costly.

Another way to get a little dose of the rose fragrance is with organic rose hip tea. Stocked with vitamins A, C, and E, essential mineral zinc, and other antioxidants, the tea is full of all kinds of health benefits. After making the tea, be sure to take in deep breaths of the rose fragrance before enjoying your cup. Cheers!

Our sense of smell is one of our strongest senses, allowing it the capability to quickly and powerfully affect our emotions. Take control of your mind and thoughts and begin smelling roses! Make sure to let us know how your experience goes!

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