Switch It Up with a Potluck

//Switch It Up with a Potluck

Switch It Up with a Potluck

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After family and gratitude, food is next essential part of the Thanksgiving holiday. Everyone expects quality food of endless choices and abundant portions. Not grabbing a round of seconds on Thanksgiving almost feels taboo.

Over the years, it’s become a growing tradition for my extended family for each family or family member to bring at least one item to the feast. My family is fairly large, so it doesn’t take much to provide all the necessities of the Thanksgiving meal. We love this style so much that we have a Thanksgiving Potluck almost every year.

A potluck is a fun way to switch up the holiday or any celebration, and it doesn’t come without many perks!

Less Stress

If you host the big family get-together or are one of the head holiday chefs of the family, you know how stressful and time-consuming the process can be to cook up a whole feast for the family.

My immediate family typically travels to my grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving and most other holidays since we live the farthest away from everyone else. Because we can’t be there to prep and help with the early stages of cooking, we always pitch in by bringing something with us. That way, we can take some of the cooking stress off of my grandparents.

With everyone chipping in some holiday food dishes, the cooking responsibilities become a lot more equal across the family.

More Quality Time

With everyone bringing at least one item, whether it be the napkins, mashed potatoes, or dessert, the family gets to enjoy more of each other’s company. Since cooking time is reduced, everyone can spend more time together, without half the family off cooking away in the kitchen.

Now you can bask in the excess family time during the holidays. I’d take more laughs and memories over cooking stress any day!

A Diversity of Food

One of the best things about a potluck is the diversity of food! Usually the family coordinates who brings what so that no one brings the same thing. Perhaps a spreadsheet or family group chat is used to achieve this goal. However, it sure can be fun to surprise everyone with what you bring, especially if your dish is something new and unique.

You can make the experience of choosing food really enjoyable, and maybe even set some rules. This year, everyone bring their favorite dish. Or, everyone has to make something they’ve never made before. The experience can allow everyone to stretch their food boundaries. Only needing to make a dish or two certainly gives you some flexibility with your food creativity.

Are you thinking of trying a potluck this year? Do you have any other growing traditions in your family? Please share with us! We’d love to hear!

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