The i-Generation

The i-Generation

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A Wall Street Journal article references the coining of a new nickname for the age cohort of people born after 1995. They are called the i-Gen or i-Generation.

Why i-Gen? Because they are the first generation to spend their entire adolescence with a piece of smart technology in their hands. The “I,” of course, is not a reference to the pronoun “me” or “mine” but to all things “lower-case i,” as in i-Pod, i-Phone, or i-Pad.

Since the i-Geners were born after 1995, their ages would range from a newborn to around age twenty-two – the age of most college seniors.

What a difference in the upbringing for most of us Boomers versus the i-Generation…

For me, Fairview Elementary School was 1.2 miles from home – and we walked it, rain or shine – 9 degrees or 90 degrees.

If we had bicycle helmets, I probably would not have needed plastic surgery on my face when I was about seven years old.

Watch the video for more and to learn about the “Wolf Pups”– you might be surprised to hear about how we can learn from these young people, too. In fact, there is much each generation can offer the other.  

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