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I could tell you that I am a loving daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and loyal friend; and all of that would be true.

I could also bore you to tears with pictures and stories about the family members whom I adore, and there are many!

What you would probably be most interested in hearing about, however, is that I have been a teacher and mentor for the past 40 years, a job which I really considered to be my passion rather than a job, and one in which I felt like I was the one being blessed by my interactions with the children in my classrooms.

In my various teaching positions (kindergarten, first grade, preschool for special needs children, working with abused and neglected children, and teaching low-income children through the Head Start program), I had the privilege of going into a classroom EVERY day knowing that something that I did or said that day was going to have a positive impact on the life of at least one of the children in my classroom (hopefully more than one).

Some of that impact I was able to see – a smile on the face of a child who never smiled, a child turning to me for comfort, knowing that I would be there to offer that comfort and security, a child learning how to express his/her emotions and feeling safe doing so, or a child learning a new skill.

Some of that impact I will never see, but I hope and trust that the excitement, energy and passion that I displayed in my various classrooms, interacting with thousands of children, instilled in them a sense of trust; a sense of security; a sense of value and worth; a sense of hope; a sense of independence; a sense of inner strength; a sense of compassion; a sense of discovery; a sense of peace; and a sense that they could go out and achieve anything in the world that they set their heart and mind to accomplishing.

I just recently retired, but I think of my past students every day, and it brings a smile to my face and a sense of a job well done!

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