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Two Wolves

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Every day there is a specific decision you have to make…

It’s the first, and it’s the most important decision because from it, you road map your destiny.

What I’m referring to is the choice…

to either have a positive outlook…

or to allow negativity and doubt to chart your course.

You choose how you want to view the obstacles ahead of you…

And what you get out of life will be very different, depending on your decision.

An old Cherokee legend touches on this conflict…

In the story, an older man talks to his grandson about life.

He explains that inside all people, there is this on-going struggle….

The struggle of The Two Wolves.

One manifests itself through negative energy–

He’s anger, envy, sorrow, inferiority – all that is evil.

The other is joy, compassion, faith, truth – all that is good

So as the Grandfather finishes explaining, the boy sits and thinks for a minute…

He asks his Grandfather, “Well which one wins?”

The Grandfather replies: “Whichever one you feed.”

The story of the Two Wolves is one of my favorites.  Watch the video to learn how you can feed your Good Wolf. What stories inspire you? We’d like to know! Write to us here; your story could be published on the Through Wolf’s Eyes website!

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