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In my hometown of New York City, magazine stands are on almost every street. When I was younger, I would always walk a tiny bit slower so I could catch a glance at the newest issue that I haven’t gotten the chance to read yet.

All throughout high school, I remember rushing to get home from school so I could read my Seventeen Magazine without any distractions. I would get lost in the words and take the advice of the writers who felt like my older sisters.

I came to realization one day that I could be a writer for a magazine or publication that helped people. My writing could help people through a problem or guide them through a particular topic that they might not fully understand.

Writing for Through Wolf’s Eyes, I am able to reach out to a demographic that I have so much respect for. I’m excited to write content that will bring value to you and hopefully enhance your life.

In my free time, I will most likely be cuddling my Yorkie while watching Grey’s Anatomy or watching various YouTube “beauty gurus” to catch up on the latest cosmetics trends.

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