What Not to Spend Your Money on

//What Not to Spend Your Money on

What Not to Spend Your Money on

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Saving money seems so simple – just stop spending a lot on things you don’t need. Don’t book an extravagant vacation, skip a night out to eat, and bow out of any other expensive purchases. Easy, right?

Passing on costly items and activities seems the best way to save on extra spending. Small purchases play a pretty big role here, though. Most often, we don’t realize how much our little unnecessary purchases add up to be, and we don’t really think about how such small purchases can be unwise ones.

A dollar here, a couple dollars there – it doesn’t seem so threatening. Is a cup of coffee really gonna break the bank?

Well, no. But if your coffee is a fancy Starbucks drink, and you grab one everyday, then yes, it could definitely dent your account.

You work hard for your money! Don’t waste it on items that aren’t worthy. You don’t need to be penny pinching to appreciate an easy way to save a decent buck. Follow along below for things not to waste your money on.


With all the streaming services at our fingertips nowadays, there’s no reason to pour your money into cable. It may same like a change better suited for a super tech-savvy millennial, but any cable or dish plan is going to be more expensive than paying for other non-cable options. This way, you don’t have to spend money on a bunch of channels you flip through but never watch anyway. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are just a few examples of the many streaming service options you can choose from.

Individual Water Bottles or To-Go Coffee Cups

Not only is buying plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups an easy way to waste your money, but it’s also harmful to the environment. Instead, invest in reusable bottles that can store both water and coffee, and all other liquids. This purchase will save you a lot of cash overtime and will also act as a nice favor for our dear friend Mother Nature. A lot of reusable stainless steel bottles keep contents cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. I don’t know of any disposable cup that can do that!

Brand Name Products

Whether we’re talking about clothing or grocery items, there’s no reason to overpay for certain products just because they have a brand name. Most of the time, generic products have the same level of quality and they cost less. Name brand clothing seems almost silly to buy full price when you can shop the clearance section or purchase them at an off-price department store, such as Marshalls or Ross. As for food, if you’re creating a dish with a bunch of ingredients, this is a great opportunity to buy generic ingredient products, as you won’t be able to taste the difference anyway.

Easy Car Repairs

We’re so quick to run to the mechanic with every small complication our cars experience. Perhaps we lack a basic education of cars or maybe it’s the convenience factor of having someone else take care of the issue, but there are certainly some repairs that can be done on our own. Instead of paying for parts, labor, and other taxes and fees, spend an hour or so and get the job done yourself. Little things such as changing your own tail light, replacing a battery, or installing new windshield wipers are a few examples. For those of you who may not know how to complete such repairs, a plethora of how-to videos awaits you on Youtube.

ATM Fees

For me, paying an ATM fee can be quite demoralizing. It feels like I’m shredding my money to pieces. While some fees can be just a dollar or two – still, demoralizing – other ones can get up to five, ten dollars, and over. Unfortunately, I know from experience. This payment can be easily avoided just by making it a habit to carry cash on you at all times. If that’s not your style, then the next time you know you’re going somewhere where you’ll need cash, remember to hit your bank beforehand to pull out some money using their no-fee ATMs.

You may be actively trying to tighten the belt or you may have no reason to save on small purchases at all. Either way, why wouldn’t you take some simple steps to save a buck here and there?

What do you refuse to spend your money on? How do you stay resourceful with your money? Give us some helpful tips!

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