When (If) I Go to Heaven, Will I Have to Wear a Bra?

//When (If) I Go to Heaven, Will I Have to Wear a Bra?

When (If) I Go to Heaven, Will I Have to Wear a Bra?

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After spending six weeks in Florida this past winter thoroughly enjoying the freedom from excess clothing, it occurred to me how relaxing it was to just throw on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt in the morning and be set for the day.  If I did need to go to the grocery or do a little shopping, I would just need to throw on a light little cover-up.

Before retirement, I needed to look my best each day for the office – the best included clothing that was neat and attractive. Keeping the figure under control, hence a bra, was crucial to that goal. Any gal who has worked or currently works with the public knows the importance of looking well-groomed without looking obvious. When I got home from work, the first thing I did was shed the “look” which included the bra, and then got into comfy sweat clothes. Ahhh!  

Personally, even though I have retired, I still don’t leave the house to go out in public anywhere – the grocery store, the mall, etc. – without a bra.

The name “brassiere” is a French word meaning to support or lift. We know gravity tends to bring everything to ground level, so that is probably the original intent of the bra. Then it became a means of emphasizing the breasts to show off the figure and, no doubt about it, to attract the male species.

When we see pictures of women from other world countries, they are not burdened by clothing such as we in this country. That’s a cultural thing, and in fact, it looks pretty comfortable! I doubt very much of the missionaries to those countries were concerned about getting the women to wear a bra.

But this is our country, our culture, and lately, I have seen some women in public who seem to be unaware of any need to be encumbered in any way. It really doesn’t take much thought or preparation to be aware of where you are going and what impression you make on the public.

Well, this isn’t about going to Heaven.

Or is it? It’s said God takes us as we are, so I’m going to take the chance, and if I have any warning, I’ll shed the bra when it’s time.

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