Why You’re Never Too Old For Disney World

//Why You’re Never Too Old For Disney World

Why You’re Never Too Old For Disney World

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With summer in full swing and kids out of school for a few months, it’s the perfect time to vacation. Whether you’re trying to break out of your comfort zone and travel to an international location or keep it stateside and embark on an epic road trip, there are tons of options to choose from. However, one option that often flies under the radar for adults to consider is none other than the most magical place on earth: Disney.

Disney World is one of those magical places where time seems to stop in its tracks. The entire Disney franchise is built on the idea of finding magic in the ordinary, and that is one philosophy that you can never grow out of. However, some people may be swayed to choose another destination due to Disney’s reputation as a theme park for kids. We’re here to bust that stereotype.

While your grandchildren are enjoying the rides, there are tons of different ways that adults can have some fun of their own. Whether it’s dining at a restaurant that reminds you of home, having a mini booze tour around the world, or kicking back at a spa in an upscale resort, there are plenty of ways for the adults of the family to get their dream vacation, too.

Thanks to Disney, kids and adults can come together and all experience a little bit of magic. No matter if you’re seeking a memorable vacation for your extended family or a unique retreat for you and your friends, Disney can bring out the kid in all of us. Read on for some of our top adult-friendly activities to do in Disney – you’ll be buying your Park Hopper pass in no time!


One of the most appealing parts about Disney is the theme parks, one of which is dedicated to giving visitors the ability to take a tour around the world. Epcot was founded in 1982 and was the second theme park built after Magic Kingdom. The park features a multitude of different “pavilions”, each focusing on a different country or region of the world. From eating authentic crepes in Epcot France to taking off in the new ride “Soarin’”, visitors have a blast getting their own mini international travel fix without leaving the park.

Epcot is a particular favorite for adults who are ready to get their drink on with the unofficial favorite: Drink Around the World. From a saki bomb in “Japan” to a wide range of tequila options in “Mexico”, each of the 11 countries throughout Epcot are home to some pretty awesome alcohol combinations. Pair the unique drinks with some traditional cuisine from each country and you’ll be sure to leave the park in a boozy food coma. You should probably leave the kids in the hotel for this one though…

Upscale Resorts

One of the best parts about visiting Disney has got to be the awesome different resorts and accomodation options that are scattered throughout the parks. Because they are all owned by Disney, many of the different resorts and hotels are extremely close to the parks themselves, which makes for an easy trip there and back at the end of a day filled with activities.  

All accommodations offer great dining options, ample outdoor space, and a happy medium between a quiet oasis and the excitement of the parks. The Beach Club Deluxe Resort has been rated as one of the best accommodations for adult visitors. Located in Epcot, the resort has a beachy, cottage theme that feels relaxing and peaceful, all while still being close to the thick of the action in the park. Other popular hotels nearby are the Grand Floridian, Port Orleans Riverside, and Caribbean Beach Resort.

Themed Restaurants

While the parks and rides at Disney may seem like they are “for kids only”, the food and dining options throughout the park are anything but. While all of the parks will have several traditional-style restaurants for quick and easy meals during the day, the upscale, themed dining options will blow you away no matter how old you are. Hollywood Studio’s 50’s Prime Time Cafe is sure to delight diners of all ages with its retro decor and classic TV programs, while the Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot pairs great food with an awesome aquarium background. For some restaurants, like the famous Be Our Guest experience, visitors make reservations months in advance – a good sign that the dining options aim to please!

Disney Cruise Line

If you’re still not convinced you’ll have a great time at any of the Disney parks, consider booking a trip on the Disney Cruise Line. Like the park itself, the Disney Cruises are geared toward young children and adults alike. While kids or grandkids are kept busy by character autograph sessions or a multitude of play areas, adults can soak up the sun during one of the deck parties, enjoy dinner and a show, or hang out in one of the many deluxe lounge and bar areas. Each ship also stops at several different onshore destinations, so passengers will be able to get their fair share of exploring throughout several different exotic locations.

Between the themed parks, diverse eating options, and multitude of attractions, Disney will not only appeal to visitors of all ages, but just may have you feeling like a kid again yourself. Have you recently taken a trip to Disney and have the inside scoop? Share Your Story with us!

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