You Can’t Always Get What You Want—Until Now

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want—Until Now

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In 1969, the Rolling Stones sang “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” claiming that instead, you get what you need. While the lyrics of this hit song may have held true in your earlier years, I dare to say that these words aren’t so true to you anymore. Now, you can get what you want, and sometimes you find you don’t always have to get what you need.

So what does this all mean exactly? In the past, every decision you made probably revolved around your children. The house you bought, the neighborhood you lived in, the car you drove – all were most likely decisions made with family in mind.

But now, your children have likely left the nest. Or, if they are living at home in their twenties or thirties, they are probably fairly responsible for themselves. Since the time they were kids, your purchasing decisions have probably changed. Do you feel a newfound sense of freedom? You should.

My father, Dave, finally got what he wanted just last week. After driving a silver Acura he purchased in 2005 and drove for 13 years, he finally decided it was time to treat himself. While the Acura was a sporty car, the vehicle was still appropriate for a family of four. The car drove across the eastern United States carrying passengers and suitcases for many years.

With both kids out of the house, Dave was finally ready to splurge on a car that would only please himself, not the endless needs of the entire family. He spent weeks researching luxury brands and deciding what he did and didn’t want. He debated leasing, buying brand new, or purchasing certified pre-owned.

Ultimately deciding on a Lexus, he picked up the keys last week and can’t stop talking about his new toy. He’s excited to tell his friends that he finally bought something for himself. After years of putting his children first, it was time to put himself first for a change – well-deserved, I’d say.

In a few years, my mother, Mary Kay, will do the same. She will no longer need her 10-year-old maroon Honda Odyssey van to move my brother and I in and out of college dorms and apartments. She won’t need the mammoth car to haul the family to the Outer Banks every summer. She wants a sophisticated crossover SUV with various features that were deemed necessary for raising a family. In a few years, she’s going to buy what she wants, as she should.

Mary Kay’s good friend, Cindy, has been an empty nester for a few years now and what did she purchase a few months ago? A convertible. A white convertible purchased for one purpose – treating herself, and only herself.

Getting what you want doesn’t just apply to cars. It can apply to homes, electronics, vacations, anything. You’ve lived long, successful lives and deserve to do what makes you happy.

So, let this be your new anthem, “You can always get what you what. And, that doesn’t always have to be what you need.”

Have you recently treated yourself or are you thinking about buying something for the sole purpose of making you happy? Share Your Story with us!

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